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(Old Testament) first king of the northern kingdom of Israel who led Israel into sin (10th century BC)


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a large wine bottle (holds 4/5 of a gallon)

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Mechu will be the only bar outside the capital serving Jeroboams of champagne, priced pounds 3,500.
The Tory deals have been organised with companies such as BT Openworld, Churchill, MBNA, NTconnect, the RAC and Jeroboams, the party's official wine supplier.
Only one hundred and forty cases of 12-750 ml bottles and twenty three-liter Jeroboams of Old Woody were created for the 2001 Vintage.
Companies large and small figure that an event capable of inspiring apocalyptic novels, doomsday prophecies, $2,000 Jeroboams of wine, and plans for 24-hour blowouts in the world's 24 time zones to ring in the year 2000 has got to have some sort of commercial potential.
A rush on jeroboams - which hold the equivalent of four standard bottles - has left the champagne house close to running out, a spokesman said.
The anti-festive faction believes that it's a night like any other - except for the irritating fact that there are a lot of jerks running around tooting noisemakers and toting jeroboams.
2 jeroboams of Cristal champagne @ pounds 4,500 each
Their drinks spree included two Jeroboams - each equivalent to four bottles - of Cristal champagne totalling pounds 9,600 plus a Methuselah - equivalent to eight bottles - of Cristal priced at pounds 30,000.
Affinity deals with BT Openworld, Churchill, MBNA, NTconnect, the RAC and Jeroboams, the official wine supplier to the party, were launched as the Party expanded its funding base.
Then they went on to four pounds 750 jeroboams of Belvedere vodka and two pounds 4,500 jeroboams of Cristal champagne.