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(Old Testament) first king of the northern kingdom of Israel who led Israel into sin (10th century BC)


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a large wine bottle (holds 4/5 of a gallon)

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Jeroboam puni pour avoir adore les faux Dieux, 1731, Jacques Ignatius de Roore (1686-1747), canvas mounted on panel, 30.
GCS is supplying Jeroboam in a variety of striking colors to match Carrefour's label graphics for greater on-shelf impact and productdifferentiation.
Tim Hollis-Carroll (Enotria) donated a jeroboam of Jacquart champagne for the raffle that raised PS1,100.
World number one McIlroy earns an alms dish and jeroboam of champagne for winning his third such award in the last four months, a run which has been achieved just twice before, by Henrik Stenson last year and by Ian Woosnam in 1987.
St Aubyn will receive his prize of a case of Bollinger Special Cuvee, a jeroboam of Bollinger, a complete set of the Everyman Wodehouse and a rare breed pig named after his winning novel at the Hay Festival in late May, early June.
I have vague recollections of a night of celebrations with the telesales advertising team which involved a limo to Liverpool, a jeroboam of champagne and an awful lot puking 20-somethings on the return journey.
His mammoth order included a Methuselah (eight times the size of a normal bottle) of Belvedere vodka at the bargain price of [euro]2,285, and a Jeroboam (four times larger) of Dom Perignon Vintage 2002, a snip at [euro]3,868.
He landed a Jeroboam of champagne and saw PS216 being handed to charity.
It was this tradition that king Jeroboam I drew on to set up his new sanctuaries at Bethel and Dan.
Jeroboam of 1998 Dom Perignon, of which there are only 50, at the London West Hollywood, the New York Post reported.
Fat Jeroboam, left alone, notes that his soul is filled with moral and social thoughts, renders thanks to himself and vacuums nineteen slices at one go.
He was presented with a jeroboam of champagne by Jeremy Martin, executive director and clerk of the course.
Not content to follow the sins of Jeroboam, son of Nebat, he took as wife Jezebel, daughter of King Ethbaal of the Phoenicians, and he went and served Baal and worshiped him.
The Queen The naming, also shown in a live broadcast at Southampton's Guildhall Square, was completed as a jeroboam of 2009 Rothschild white wine - rather than champagne - was smashed against the bow of the ship.
Right after the finish, the normally controlled and contained Emirates skipper Dean Barker had a broad smile on his face as he soaked his veteran team with champagne from a jeroboam of Moet et Chandon, not even sparing an event photographer who had climbed aboard for the occasion.