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Synonyms for jerkwater

small and remote and insignificant

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Every jerkwater police force will apply for the grant of a state sniper who can eliminate the non-cooperative, those who are now the public nuisance, the epidemic of just plain trash, to be picked up, put on the stretcher and hauled away to the dump of postmodern American madness by the lackeys picking up after the Central Force--anyone with good eye test and a steady finger and no conscience whatsoever at all can apply
The Socialist folk march by the city cafes, where their enemies watch them with quiet hatred: "people with gimlet eyes and greedy predatory lines on their faces, jerkwater importers and exporters, small brokers, loan sharks, commission merchants, pawnbrokers, men who knew how to make two duros grow where one had grown before".
That's the way people used to think about Podunk - a generic term for a mythical jerkwater hamlet.
Gene Swenson was "brought up in a Kansas jerkwater, not even on a trunk line," or at least that's how he put it.
He said, "Man, in my lifetime I have been through a lot of jerkwater towns, but I don't think I've ever seen one quite like this one.