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Synonyms for jerkiness

the quality of being spasmodic and irregular

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For our mobile phone customers, that means they can enjoy a smooth, crystal-clear images without any skipping or jerkiness.
In the case of babies, they may have tense or bulging fontanelle (soft spot on top of head), blotching or pale skin, may refuse to feed and display fretfulness, a shrill cry or stiffness and jerkiness or floppy body.
Demetrius observes that here "Homer intended the cacophony to imitate the jerkiness, and all imitation has an element of enargeia" (17)
Black-faced nenes, a species of goose found only in Hawaii and the official state bird, strut on the forest floor with Chaplinesque jerkiness.
Fidgety movements can be characterized as absent if never observed from 6 to 20 weeks post term, or abnormal if their amplitude, speed and jerkiness are exaggerated(9).
A novel no-reference video quality metric for evaluating temporal jerkiness due to frame freezing, IEEE Trans.
46) The modesty of their entreaty is underscored by that "let" (which takes gentle emphasis from the repetition that moves it from the middle of the line into the rhyme position) and by the tender jerkiness of their accents ("kind, / Charitable"), which form the impression of someone only tentatively suggesting at the comforts they might be afforded.
Sometimes, they even look the other way when signs of pampering, arrogance or just pure jerkiness show up.
Just because some men are jerks doesn't mean our prominent female characters should be jerks too, especially when that jerkiness is what's meant to make us laugh.
While there's the occasional jerkiness and the odd bit of stickiness between the characters and the environment, these are minor and largely irrelevant in an exploration/investigation game such as this.
Because otherwise DCTs or DSGs, depending on the OEM, can impart an unpleasant jerkiness.
On the road, wind and road noise are virtually absent, while the E-CVT automatic transmission accelerates smoothly with no jerkiness.
On the road, wind and road noise are virtually absent, with little intrusion from the petrol engine, while the E-CVT automatic transmission, unlike many of this type, accelerates smoothly with no jerkiness.
The downside of a relaxed left leg is a gearchange that'll set your head bobbing on swift changes and had my passenger complaining of unpleasant jerkiness (the car, not the driver, I hope).
The glottis being under the direct influence of the lungs, any jerkiness or other irregularities in the action of these organs affects the sounds and impairs that continuous flow which is the charm of execution.