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someone who gives a strong sudden pull


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Karioris; "The Male Order Development Encounter," by Jerker Edstrom.
The Jaw Jerker will help a fisherman be more effective by reducing the chances of a line getting caught in the hook and ruining a good cast.
New York, NY, Aug 6, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - Scientists must unlock and analyze data throughout the clinical trial, according to Staffan Gestrelius, President and Chief Executive Officer and Jerker Ringstrom, Head of Business Development, Capish.
At the same time, a link to Jerker Hartwallos presentation material will be available on our website.
Undaunted by soaring fuel prices, 36 couples have applied to get married at a gathering of auto enthusiasts in Vasteras in central Sweden, said priest Jerker Asterlund, the scheme's initiator.
Monday's winner was Estonia with the extremely catchy, superbly choreographed and outrageously camp Together Again, by Toomas Jerker and the Stone Hard Boys.
The acquisition of the UK speciality fat company Kelanco, and now the inauguration of our new production line for industrial margarine products, is just one of many, many steps along the way towards a more specialised Karlshamns," commented Jerker Hartwall, president and CEO of Karlshamns.
Subtitled "A Pornographic Elegy with Redeeming Social Value," Jerker is liable to alienate or repel those who don't care to be voyeurs in such circumstances, and my theater companion did flee from his seat after th eninth or tenth phone call, unable to take any more.
For some time we have been looking for the person who can take over the baton after Jerker Hartwall and bring AAK to new successes and strengthen the company's position as the world's leading supplier of specialty fats, says Chairman of the Board Melker Schorling.
However, if you're feeling down in the dumps, this could push you over the edge as that ending is a real tear jerker.
The combined company would allow us to accelerate growth, strengthen competitiveness, optimise investments and improve cash flow, says Jerker Hartwall, CEO of AAK.
And, of course, the memorable jerk chicken of Margine's by the Caymans' Grandest Jerker of them all, Lewis Ebanks.
AAK still expects additional significant positive effects from insurance compensation," says Group CEO Jerker Hartwall in his comments to the report.