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With the selection of the new brand's logo, we contribute to consolidating the name of Sharjah in visitors' minds and introduce them to the Jerboa, which is one of the most prominent sights in the local desert environment, so as to help save this animal and protect it from the risk of extinction.
When I learned about the Jerboa speakers, I was excited to help develop a product that pushed out a great sound from a speaker the size of a cigar.
Students have also created children stories in collaboration with DWC's Education Department and Jerboa Publishing in Dubai.
A British armoured division took its nickname from the North African jerboa.
We meet animals that we have never encountered before, from the long-eared jerboa, whose adorable little face and over-sized ears grace the cover, to the golden-rumped elephant-shrew, a distant relative of the elephant that is the size of a shrew.
Furthermore, 5 of the 7 isolates from greater Egyptian jerboas and 2 of the 3 isolates from a lesser Egyptian jerboa also had identical sequences.
I am very lucky to be so honoured and so fortunate to work with a wonderful team of individuals who ensure that the literary festival brings celebration and enjoyment to a huge number of people each year, enriching the cultural environment of this wonderful city of Dubai," said Isobel, who is also the founder of Jerboa Books.
There's a lizard that suddenly changes colour from black to yellow once it has reached its preferred body temperature and a mouse-like jerboa with legs like a very small kangaroo.
From the snow-white oryx that inspired the myth of the unicorn to the long-legged jerboa, leaping 10 times its own length through the star-filled Arabian nights.
The program's Top 10 focus species for 2008 include such peculiar animals as the Bumblebee Bat ("possibly the world's smallest mammal"), the Long-Eared Jerboa ("a mouse-like animal with the largest ear-to-body ratio of any mammal") and the Slender Loris (a "shy nocturnal primate with gigantic eyes").
The book is illustrated by Donna Acheson-Juillet and published by Jerboa Books.
On the basis of the present-day distribution of the represented species, Yafteh Cave may have been surrounded by several ecological niches: arid lowlands (gazelles, gerbils, jerboa, social vole), piedmont and cooler uplands (wild sheep, wild goat and mouselike hamster), and forested zones (red deer and wild boar).
You may want your students to also include the distances in meters (1 m = 100 cm), and point out that their answer for the flea should be 10 X their answer for the jerboa.
29 Among the wild animals found in Iraq are the cheetah,gazelle,antelope,ass, hyena, wolf,jackal,pig,hare, jerboa,bat, vulture,buzzard, raven,owl and various species of hawk.