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pose a threat to

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I've worked extremely hard for 10 years in this sport to get to the UFC, so to think I would do anything or take anything to jeopardise my opportunity is crazy.
We have contracts in place with Boeing for new maritime patrol aircraft and for Apache attack helicopters and they will also be bidding for other defence work and this kind of behaviour clearly could jeopardise our future relationship with Boeing.
Serbia has no intention of making any moves that would jeopardise its EU path, but neither will it make any moves that could jeopardise ties with our traditional friends, including Russia," Dacic said.
He said: "It is a mistake not just because it jeopardises much-needed investment and jobs, but also for the message it sends to the vast majority of people who are rock solid behind the peace process.
He didn't do that and I know through the times we have spoken he would never allow any person - and I don't say a player - to jeopardise the harmony of this club.
A default "would certainly jeopardise the stability, but not just the stability of the US economy, it would jeopardise the stability at large," the first woman to head the International Monetary Fund told ABC News.
Lieutenant Colonel Aref Bu Shagar, Director of Qusais Police Station, said the sirens, sold at car accessory shops and the Dragon Mart posed a risk that could jeopardise the lives of users and other road users, pointing out that police will be strict with anybody who jeopardises peoples' lives.
PLANS for two wind turbines in East Durham look likely to be scuppered due to fears they could jeopardise a pounds 300m film studio.
I had time and again warned the government against such unconstitutional steps which could jeopardise the entire democratic system.
WALES forward Alun-Wyn Jones has revealed the full agony of his Twickenham sin-bin torture and admitted: "I thought it would jeopardise my international career.
Clubs chasing promotion don't want to jeopardise promotion by gaining injuries and suspensions; clubs endeavouring to escape relegation don't want to jeopardise safety with needless extra fixtures.
The head of the Czech government declared that this type of attitude could jeopardise ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.