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large siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles

any of numerous usually marine and free-swimming coelenterates that constitute the sexually reproductive forms of hydrozoans and scyphozoans

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Blue bottle jellyfish, also known as Portuguese man o' war, is known for its long blue venomous tentacles.
The Halitrephes Maasi jellyfish is a species of deep-sea jellyfish belonging to the family Halicreatidae.
These so-called "clinging" jellyfish are small--no bigger than a quarter--and ringed by as many as 90 threadlike tentacles.
A box jellyfish is 10,000 times more dangerous than a common jellyfish, said Angel Yanagihara, associate research professor of the Department of Tropical Medicine at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, adding that just a few inches of tentacle contact could kill a child.
In her science memoir Berwald combines humour and passion as she investigates the strange world of the jellyfish.
Reminiscent of Hope Jahren's Lab Girl, Spineless reveals not only an around-the-world exploration of emerging science but also Berwald's evolution as a science writer, learning to "write a book that matters," as one jellyfish expert challenged her.
They know the jellyfish are here," said Piraino, a professor of zoology at the University of Salento.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 2 July 2017: Egypt's Ministry of Environment refuted claims that the new Suez Canal contributed to the upsurge of jellyfish on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
KATEMCMULLIN1 SWARMS of jellyfish have invaded Merseyside beaches after the spell of hot weather.
Amedical technology firm has launched a manufacturing facility to extract collagen from jellyfish.
The jellyfish would also create obstacles for water desalination and electricity projects.
com Demand for the installation of warning signs for people planning to visit Omani beaches against jellyfish attacks.
At the aquarium with her science class, she slips off to the jellyfish exhibit by herself.