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large siphonophore having a bladderlike float and stinging tentacles

any of numerous usually marine and free-swimming coelenterates that constitute the sexually reproductive forms of hydrozoans and scyphozoans

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Jellyfish Art launched one of the very first big Kickstarter projects in 2011.
The marine charity said the continuing rise of jellyfish in UK seas could no longer be ignored and more research and monitoring was needed to try and understand why.
Samantha Worthington, marine aquarist at the aquarium, in Cheshire Oaks, said: "It's the first time we have had this particular species on display here and it's definitely one of the most beautiful members of the jellyfish family.
Steve from Wareham, Dorset, set off in his dive boat from nearby Kimmeridge in the hope of finding a single barrel jellyfish, or Rhizostoma pulmo, to show his grandson Finn Hatcher, 10.
Until the latter part of the 19th century, it was assumed that jellyfish (of all kinds) were simply passive masses of jelly, but in 1880, Darwin's young friend George Romanes was able to demonstrate that jellyfish had quite complex nervous systems, with upwards of 1,000 nerve cells.
The report by the Marine Conservation Society and Exeter University says blue jellyfish and moon jellies have been spotted in large numbers this year.
The project aims to record the species of jellyfish that can be found in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and their populations which have shown an increasing trend in their frequency in recent decades.
Scientific and media debate regarding future trends, and subsequent ecological, biogeochemical and societal impacts, of jellyfish and jellyfish blooms in a changing ocean is hampered by a lack of information about jellyfish biomass and distribution from which to compare.
Since the find, marine experts have had the jellyfish in their possession and are now trying to find out more about the mysterious sea creature.
To address this knowledge gap, scientists used the Jellyfish Database Initiative, or JeDI, to map jellyfish biomass in the upper 200m of the world s oceans and explore the underlying environmental causes driving the observed patterns of distribution.
Residents and tourists took photographs of hundreds of dead moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) washed ashore in Dubai at the weekend.
Sydney: Scientists were on Thursday working to classify a new species of giant jellyfish that washed up on an Australian beach, describing it as a "whopper" that took their breath away.
government shutdown, a group of jellyfish initiated a shutdown of their own.
It wasn't a tsunami, but it had the same effect: A huge cluster of jellyfish forced one of the world's largest nuclear reactors to shut down -- a phenomenon that marine biologists say could become more common.