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a loose cloak with a hood

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Indeed, one effect of the austerity measures and currency devaluations of the SAPs had been the "impoverishment of the middle classes and a marked polarisation among the Jellaba themselves.
La musique andalouse peut bien se passer des Jellaba et des terbouch, comme exemple pour ne pas toujours lui coller cette etiquette [beaucoup moins que]elle est conservatrice[beaucoup plus grand que] ou presentee au moment de Ftour pour lui enlever cette etiquette de [beaucoup moins que]digestive[beaucoup plus grand que].
Some of the provocations generated by the policies of the authorities included the imprisonment of Mak Hussein al-Iheimer of Dallami Rural District in 1978, because he refused to surrender the natives' lands to the Mechanised Farming Schemes, which belonged to Jellaba (petty Arab merchant) traders.
DAVID Beckham lying low in Morocco and trying to disguise himself with a jellaba.
He stepped out of the limo into the burning heat dressed in a jellaba - a traditional desert garment of a long white gown and all-over white headscarf that covered everything but his eyes.
If the SPLM ruling party can commit itself to co-exist peacefully with the NCP Jellaba ruling party in the Sudan why should it be difficult for it to reach out and do the same with the very Non-SPLM nationals of South Sudan?
Further, it could be a reward for the unpaid time of the struggle for liberation from Jellaba bondages.
Also the Jihadist call is nothing but a mismatching mobilization for the Jellaba where the war now is not aimed at Islamization of South Sudanese infidels but at the land and its natural resources, especially oil or petroleum.
As for the professional trader, the Jellaba, he in baronial eyes was an equally undesirable immigrant, battering on the villages, selling rubbishy goods at a vast profit, and introducing venereal disease.
By Justin Ambago Ramba May 13, 2011 -- The SPLM Political Bureau is clearly using the politics of the belly, Jellaba style , in their ruthless campaign to garner support for their Draft Transitional Constitution which they want to impose on the nascent Republic of South Sudan.
Motivated to concentrate power, wealth and social status the Jellaba descendants adamantly refused to pay any attention to the justified demands by the people of South Sudan for the adoption of a federal system of government in the wake of Sudan's independence from Britain.
Southerners may know the devil called Jellaba or Mundukuarat (in Juba Arabic), but I don't think they know well the devil called Southerners opportunist unionists (I don't know how to call this unknown devil it in Juba Arabic).
But the Shilluk people were courageous enough to resist and tell those SPLM candidates that it shall not be the first time for them to see tanks and heavy machine guns roaring on their villages because it has been done by the Jellaba enemy frequently, and that if the SPLA want to behave like Jellaba the people would know how to deal with them as enemy of peace and tranquility.
Worst still, he appealed to the Southerners to elect a Jellaba in the person of Comrade Yasser Saeed Arman who has been nominated by the SPLM Political Bureau to represent Southerners in the Sudan Presidential race after Kiir declined from contesting as he sees no value in it from a foreseen loss.
Not only this, but Kiir should be blamed for having appointed a Jellaba to represent interest of the South in an important legal forum like National Parliament in Khartoum.