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  • verb

Synonyms for jell

to change or be changed from a liquid into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass

Synonyms for jell

become gelatinous


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Chicken or fish stock will jell when chilled but will not have the same firmness as those that are made using pork or beef.
IABC's estimable belletrist Kathleen Much e-notes "Alden, it might be time to cover the homonyms jell and gel in your CW column.
Some fruits contain enough natural pectin to jell with nothing but sugar added.
Because sugar increases pectin's ability to jell, it affects the texture and consistency of jellies and jams as they cool and set.
Introducing the World's First "Push and Pull" Puzzle Game; Highly Addictive and Featuring Cute, Jelly-Like Characters Pushing Jell Will Launch With a Free Download Promotion
Suffolk FBU Brigade Chair Vince Jell said: "These cuts would make our work less safe and the people of Suffolk less safe.
My realization came when I was discussing the importance of screens forming quickly and suggested that well-designed pages are those that take no more than 20 seconds to jell.