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inflammation of the jejunum of the small intestine

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2011) Multifocal granulomatous jejunitis associated with an argyrophilic gram-positive segmented filamentous bacterium in a Holstein cow.
Histologic lesions included acute diffuse, severe atrophic jejunitis (Figure 2, panel B) and mild vacuolation of superficial epithelial cells and subepithelial edema in cecum and colon (Figure 2, panel C).
Acute Perforation of Jejunum Secondary to Primary Jejunitis.
Mucosal intra-epithelial lymphocytes in enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma, ulcerative jejunitis, and refractory celiac disease constitute a neoplastic population.
The patient described here was compliant with the diet, and diagnostic testing revealed no evidence of lactose intolerance, microscopic colitis, small bowel bacterial overgrowth, ulcerative jejunitis, or lymphoma.