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someone who jeers or mocks or treats something with contempt or calls out in derision

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In Wolf Whistle, there is a courtroom dialogue between Runt Conroy, who tries to smuggle his parrot into the room where the threat of racial violence literally hangs in the air, and Jeerer Skeeter, a local policeman who is supposed to keep the peace during the murder trial.
Turning his back to the audience, he singled out the jeerer with a stern reprimand.
By standing with Frank Gaffney, with the protestors who mocked a Muslim praying in front of the White House last week, and with the hate-filled jeerers at an Islamic fundraiser in Orange County last month--Peter King is not brave at all.
O'Neill, who cupped his hand to his ear while the jeerers were in full voice, said: "I was merely wanting to know what my wife had been shouting down to me.