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Synonyms for jazzy

Synonyms for jazzy

resembling jazz (especially in its rhythm)

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(used especially of clothes) marked by conspicuous display

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The Grammy awardwinning producer and DJ became a household nameJeff today when Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's Summertime was a hit in 1991.
Wolverhampton-born Jazzy, 25, whose family has owned other businesses elsewhere, said: "I am pretty cheesed off.
The jazzy sounds will be coming from cellist and guitarist Maria Avramidou and guitarist and composer Petros Myrias.
Tonight Ministry of Sound original legend Jazzy M makes a welcome return to Dublin to play and exclusive classics set from his days as RULIN resident at the famous London club.
GC Hollywood store to unveil world-class new Serato in-store DJ Experience Hosted by Grammy-Award Winner DJ Jazzy Jeff
Soul Jazzy Entertainment is currently seeking eleven talented volunteer actors/ actresses for the following roles, Samantha Burkmore (Main Role, the daughter of Mr.
Soul Jazzy Entertainment" was born out of the vision of Recording Artist Gina Carey in November 2013.
DJ Jazzy Jeff, along with contributions from well-known producers James Poyser, Pete Kuzma and Demien DeSandies, has created an experience that music lovers have long awaited.
Teresa Dupuy, owner of Jazzy Jungle, said: "I think it's important the councillors visit the site before making their decision.
Originally written for an event called Shakespeare At Winedale, the band's jazzy arrangement of Sigh No More Ladies has proved just the tune to capture the flavour of the 1920s for this outdoor production.
It's got a bit of country on it, a bit of jazzy stuff - but not like Amy Winehouse, Duffy or Adele jazzy, it's more Twenties.
REJOICE, all Fresh Prince fans, because former Will Smith comedy and music partner DJ Jazzy Jeff is coming to town.
Eleven of the pieces combine lyrics with rhythm and are organized into three warm-ups (Space Rock Warm-Up; Break Beat Boogie; Wiggle and Walk); high-energy dance-style routines (Fell the Beat; Funky Fitness; Techno Trek); slow-down routines (Classical Connection; Jazzy Jazz); and 'Pick Up the Beat
And his former rap partner Jazzy Jeff yesterday revealed the pair are planning to reunite for a world tour.