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Synonyms for jazzy

Synonyms for jazzy

resembling jazz (especially in its rhythm)

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(used especially of clothes) marked by conspicuous display

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Mavin Records rainmaker, Michael Collins is popularly known as Don Jazzy, was first to get hold of the Youtube footage of the event which was held late last year.
The artistic pouches accompany each purchase from Jazzy, which makes buying a new pair of sunglasses an absolute necessity.
The Grammy awardwinning producer and DJ became a household nameJeff today when Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's Summertime was a hit in 1991.
Wolverhampton-born Jazzy, 25, whose family has owned other businesses elsewhere, said: "I am pretty cheesed off.
Soul Jazzy Entertainment is currently seeking eleven talented volunteer actors/ actresses for the following roles, Samantha Burkmore (Main Role, the daughter of Mr.
Jazzy, real name Jasmina, said: "They always thought we'd be missionaries.
Jazzy, 24, said of her parents, who are Christian Missionaries: "They send us hate emails saying, 'You're going to hell'.
I also like 10 Jazzy Etudes, Matosinhos' second collection of jazz-styled exercises, dedicated to Arkady Shilkloper.
Jazzy Jeff posted a picture of himself and his Fresh Prince pal on his social media accounts with the words: "Guess who came to rock with me in Dubai for New Years
The theme will be much more than jazz, mainly we will have lots of jazz during the week of the jazz garden, plus a few jazzy headliners and many jazzy opening acts.
Don't think that GOPers aren't getting even more nervous than usual about losing Senate District 1, where Dem Jazzy Jeff Woodburn is facing Little Debi Warner.
Jazzy Hip-Hop : "Life is a Traffic Jam" - 2Pac / Eight Mile Road You might be wondering "why in God's name is Ali writing about 2Pac?
Preva and the jazzy group developed distinctive pack graphics with Pain Lloyd Marketing, and Amcor Flexibles is the partner of choice for the packaging.
He acted amid fears that the newly-fashionable jazzy pants could cause jealousy among those lads still stuck with baggy white Y-fronts.