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Synonyms for jazzy

Synonyms for jazzy

resembling jazz (especially in its rhythm)

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(used especially of clothes) marked by conspicuous display

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The jazzily askew reds and yellows call to mind the Fauvist palette that enthralled Maria from the day in 1910 when he first visited the Steiglitz Gallery.
Other embarrassments include Neil Young's Birds and a jazzily unplugged take on Dylan's All Along The Watchtower.
The state even encourages you to plop down hard-earned cash on impossible odds with lively music and jazzily choreographed television ads.
Cardwell profiles and photographs 29 individuals or groups opening with an oompah in the sometimes 39-strong Aberystwyth Silver Band and ending jazzily with Wyn Lodwick of Llanelli.
These still have a special place in our hearts, and they've been given a new lease of life with jazzily designed covers making them a style winner for today.
Tones were jazzily inflected, screaming high notes complemented mellow lower registers, and, the splendid Contrapuntal Blues clarinet and saxes created an appropriate atmosphere of hothouse oppression.
surges jazzily around her, offering up sounds of trains and traffic.