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Synonyms for jazzy

Synonyms for jazzy

resembling jazz (especially in its rhythm)

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(used especially of clothes) marked by conspicuous display

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Clinton understands this problem and has issued some deregulation orders, but five years of tight oversight has turned bankers never the jazziest, boldest guys around anyway--into terrified automations.
The best-selling bows today are often the jazziest in appearance.
The 27-inch Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon is the jazziest and most expensive at $1,800.
In Australia on Tuesday, Test opener Matthew Hayden said he believed the US EUR5 million self-imposed salary cap introduced by those in charge of Twenty20's jazziest form, the phenomenally successful Indian Premier League (IPL), would soon be scrapped.
Vibrant and excessive, this Twelfth Night is set in a theme park on obsession, inhabited by the maddest, jazziest mix of Shakespearian clowns who generate the extraordinary passion, poetry and slapstick so inherent to the story.
However, nowadays short shorts are out and Jon-Lewis won the ABA title in the jazziest pair of long boxing shorts ever seen bearing a Union Jack, his initials round the waistband and more tassels than Calamity Jane on a night out.
Though online tax preparation isn't the jazziest profession for most folks Kurt's age, he has no complaints.
VARIOUS: Dope On Plastic 6 (React) - Another large collection of all the fattest beats and jazziest grooves for the head-nodding crowd.
But an event next week promises to be the jazziest of the lot