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Synonyms for jazz

empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk

a genre of popular music that originated in New Orleans around 1900 and developed through increasingly complex styles

a style of dance music popular in the 1920s

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play something in the style of jazz

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Other feature enhancements that the company claims are a direct result of community feedback include the availability of horizontal and vertical banners in different sizes to suit different website layouts, ability to share Jazzers with colleagues and clients right from the publish window, and even a 'blank template' feature that enables one to start their jazzer creation over a clean slate.
The Harlem Playgirls were swept up into a whirlwind tour of the country, establishing a national reputation as "one of the best and hardest-swinging jazz groups" in America, yet female jazzers still collectively competed head to head with male bands while enduring the effects of segregation in the film and recording industries, which generally prohibited black female musicians from appearing in those mediums funded by major studios, including MGM, Paramount, and Columbia.
But I'm more influenced by jazzers like Miles Davis, or artists like Joni Mitchell or Bob Dylan.
The conversations among us and with the candidates for the position rarely referred to prominent jazzers in any other way.
Baby bunheads dream of their first pointe shoes and junior jazzers idolize more experienced classmates.
The Midland Jazzers jazeers live on the boundary between jump-jive and rock'n roll, taking things one step further than the likes of King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys.
Two talented female jazzers are also in town this week.
In the Village Voice's annual Jazz Supplement Larry Blumenfeld examines the ways in which jazz musicians crossover, Francis Davis listens in on jazzing the classics and classing the jazzers, from Jelly Roll Morton to Uri Caine; Greg Tate explains how Mojo, Bitches Brew, and Butch Morris inspired a funktional African American family unit; Tom Smucker takes on jazz's search for its inner Melissa Manchester; and Martin Johnson traffics in the tie-up on the one-way street from jazz to jam.
On tap with the jazzers this month: Jazz at Two, with Ed Grigoli Jan.
JAZZ: Veteran jazzers of the Merseysippi Jazz Band still blowing up a storm.
and a phalanx of rockers, gospelers, jazzers, and grungers, culminating in a post-Clinton acceptance speech burst of Chicago's reliable hit, "This Is the Beginning.
SUNDAY afternoon might seem like an unlikely time for a hootenanny, but Coventry jazzers will have the chance to warm up for New Year's Eve with a session led by local reedsman Matt Palmer.
I'm partial to a bit of funk, some of the other band members are jazzers, one or two have a world music background, some, classical, theatrical etc.
To launch its 31st series, Music at Leasowes Bank blended five classical musicians with seven jazzers in New Perspectives, an ensemble first created in 1993.