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Synonyms for jazz

empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk

a genre of popular music that originated in New Orleans around 1900 and developed through increasingly complex styles

a style of dance music popular in the 1920s

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play something in the style of jazz

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Mohammad Fazza and Adib Al Jazzer won the Name the Cubs competition.
Other feature enhancements that the company claims are a direct result of community feedback include the availability of horizontal and vertical banners in different sizes to suit different website layouts, ability to share Jazzers with colleagues and clients right from the publish window, and even a 'blank template' feature that enables one to start their jazzer creation over a clean slate.
Ryan hopes to continue playing Jazzer, who he describes as "mostly stupid, a fool to himself ", for many years to come.
As a jazzer, your goal is to synthesize your experience into your own distinctive voice and outlook, then reintegrate that individualism back into group dynamics.
Hartman's critical/analytical study is brief, barely 150 pages, yet for most readers, it is, as the jazzer would say, "heavy.
Inara, daughter of late Little Feat legend Lowell George, is the bird while accomplished jazzer and sometime Lily/Allen and Kylie Minogue collaborator Greg Kurstin is the bee.
THOUSANDS of people every week hear the voice of Ryan Kelly as he plays teenage tear away Jazzer on The Archers,but few know that the 27-year-old radio actor is totally blind.
Dross meanwhile have reached the final few of Radio Borsetshire's talent competition, although Ed and Jazzer were none too pleased to find Fallon had submitted her own entry.
Patrick will be continuing his homage to the funking American jazzer Horace Silver.
What knockout personalities the three of them had, Natasha, Tom, Jazzer.
But Jazzer is also a bit of a ladykiller - one stereotype Scotsmen won't worry about.
Last year the pintsized teen won the coveted Jazzer Smith Award taking home an acoustic guitar, cash prize and a scholarship for tuition in Tamworth.
Lynda's party didn't go exactly as she had planned, mainly because the younger element decided to do their own thing - Jazzer had been asked to recite some Scottish poetry but made up all his own words, while Fallon became increasingly jealous of K i rs t y.