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Synonyms for jazz

empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk

a genre of popular music that originated in New Orleans around 1900 and developed through increasingly complex styles

a style of dance music popular in the 1920s

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play something in the style of jazz

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In the poem "Jazz Chick," Kaufman uses descriptive elements of jazz to portray the female form:
Many famous jazz pianists have started out as classical pianists.
Featuring a number of jazz greats, including pianist Hank Jones, saxophonist Jimmy Heath and drummer Roger Humphries, the November 11 concert is part of a yearlong celebration of MCG Jazz's 20th anniversary.
It's the last stop of a monthlong Jazz in Schools tour that three bands have made at 45 elementary schools in Los Angeles in February - trying to give hip-hop a run for its money with kids during Black History Month.
In this tome, Cole gives his full attention to the last decade of the jazz genius's life, after his return to the music scene from a five-year hiatus.
614-222-3005), Southern-style comfort foods, live jazz and soul performers.
However, as a consequence of returning to her past, she is eventually reborn through the chaos symbolized by the jazz process.
The same year Wynton Marsalis was born, 1961, Texas saxophonist Ornette Coleman released a controversial album called Free Jazz.
Quite simply, Gold explains, jazz is a metaphor for organizational dynamics, and he uses the music to teach and inspire in ways that go deeper than the usual training seminar or keynote at a meeting.
Lush Life, David Hajdu's sensitive 1996 biography of composer Billy Strayhorn ("Take the `A' Train"), celebrated perhaps the best-known openly gay man from the earlier decades of jazz.
We are extremely excited about the completion of the merger," said Shu Li, president and chief executive officer of Jazz Semiconductor.
Ballet, character, pointe, partnering, variations, jazz, modern, Pilates.
That's because Childs' categories are those below-the-radar ones where musicians without stylists and bail bondsmen (sounds like a support group) reside: jazz.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Jazz drummer and guitarist Chris Parker has been selected as the recipient of the inaugural Pittsburgh Jazz Society/Mellon Jazz Scholarship, a $5,000 tuition award presented by the Pittsburgh Jazz Society and Mellon Jazz as part of their support for jazz education in the Pittsburgh area.
Smooth Jazz Piano is a self-contained volume within the Hal Leonard Keyboard Style series.