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ConvergEx's Jaywalk is a division of ConvergEx Research Solutions LLC, which is owned and operated by ConvergEx Group, LLC.
ConvergEx provides access to a network of approximately 150 IRPs through its Jaywalk consultancy division.
We are very excited to receive this award from Jaywalk," said Donald Lucek, Director of Research for TheStreet.
However, despite several awareness campaigns and accidents, many pedestrians continue to jaywalk.
BNY ConvergEx Group is comprised of the following businesses: BNY ConvergEx Execution Solutions LLC (member NYSE/NASD/SIPC), including BNY Global Transition Management and LJR Recapture Services; BNY Jaywalk LLC, Eze Castle Software LLC; G-Port; and Westminster Research Associates LLC (member NASD/SIPC).
People are forced to jaywalk because there are no designated crossings and the drivers have to be alert not to run over the scurrying pedestrians.
The Bank of New York BNY Securities Group businesses that are now part of BNY ConvergEx Group are BNY Brokerage, including BNY Global Transition Management; Lynch, Jones & Ryan; G-Port; Westminster Research; and BNY Jaywalk.
Jewish leaders welcome the tech-savvy feature, saying it enables worshippers to attend services without having to jaywalk or wait endlessly for the light to change.
In addition to Eze Castle Software, the BNY Securities Group businesses to be included in BNY ConvergEx Group will be BNY Brokerage, Lynch, Jones & Ryan, G-Port, Westminster Research and BNY Jaywalk.
He is among hundreds who are left with no option but to jaywalk, but after fencing of the road that option was taken away.
Motorists often fail to stop at intersections without signal lights, and some pedestrians jaywalk.
Most recently, Frankel was vice president of sales at BNY Jaywalk, the independent research consultancy division of the Bank of New York, where he created a go-to-market strategy for a business line that targeted broker-dealers.
Pedestrians complain they are forced to jaywalk because there aren't enough designated crossings.
There is no choice but to risk life and jaywalk, because the zebra crossings at traffic lights are too far away and it's impossible to walk all the way in the heat," said Raghvendra Singh, an Indian driver, who lives in the area.
The IRPs whose ratings make up the BNY Jaywalk Consensus Metrics do not have investment banking conflicts and employ their own research methodology and discipline.