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The dental implant itself is a titanium tooth root that anchors into the jawbone.
The new Jawbone headset is the next step in the marriage of best in class noise elimination science with a personal design that is both humanistic and minimal.
Converting spoken messages into text makes THOUGHTS a particularly convenient collaboration tool, providing our users with the option to read or listen to their messages," says Travis Bogard, vice president of Product Management and Strategy at Jawbone.
A person from the public spotted the jawbone on a concrete path on the beach.
The sound quality is very good and Jawbone has added NoiseAssassin technology which eliminates background noise.
The theme of the contest is "I wish I had a Jawbone.
Jawbone is a groundbreaking Bluetooth headset that integrates an advanced, military-grade noise cancelling system called Noise Shield that enables clear conversations even in the most extreme environments.
Division Two: Falcon 2 Group Recreation Assoc 0' Macmillan 1 Jawbone Tavern 4.
95, and Jawbone is available for phones from Motorola, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson.
Originally, the hiker that found him took the jawbone to the local Sheriff's Department.
A magnet then converts the incoming signals into sound waves, which vibrate painlessly from the tooth up the jawbone to your inner ear.
Because the bacterial infections behind periodontal disease provoke an immune reaction that can eat away the jawbone, dentist Bruce A.
DUBLIN -- Dial2Do, a technology company that enables voice-activated hands-free communications including email and text messaging, announced today that the Dial2Do HandsFree Assistant is one of the initial DialApps available at launch for Aliph's newest Bluetooth headset, the Jawbone ICON.
The UP by Jawbone application will also be pre-loaded on selected Huawei handsets in the future, beginning in the U.
Jawbone being a Bluetooth-focused company, this device also can be paired only through Bluetooth.