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dark grey peccary with an indistinct white collar

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So far, it seems to be working; I know of no dogs wearing bells who have been torn up by either animal (although I have heard of javelinas ripping up dogs wearing beeper collars, so go figure).
I set my bow down and had just put on my raingear when I spotted some javelina heading our way.
The collared peccary, or javelina, is a salt-and-pepper gray animal with a distinctive "collar" of yellowish-white hair running diagonally from the middle of the back forward across the shoulders to the lower neck.
However, feral hog selection differed from javelina selection across all categories, and feral hog was the only species that selected for the Pine-Oak ecological system.
Javelinas were a different story The javelina, or collared peccary is a native North American animal weighing perhaps 30 to 50 pounds.
Everyone remembers the childhood song, "I'm a Little Teapot," but the author of this book uses the melody and changes the words to "I'm a Javelina.
vineyards of family-owned Page Spring Cellars, Oak Creek Vineyards and Javelina Leap Winery, where associated proprietor Russell Balda said Arizona wine had become a "cult" in recent years, demand exceeding supply.
Her observations of herds of javelina, of stinkbugs and coots, and of birds she bands for the Nature Conservancy deftly illustrate her sensitive yet unsentimental connection to the holy web.
This includes such big game as deer, elk, moose, caribou, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, rocky Mountain goat, black bear, wild board, and javelina.
However, in addition to these animals there are feral and wild rabbits, nutrina, turtles, pigeons (yes, pigeons, which are really a European Rock Dove), magpies, deer, and in some areas there are feral hogs and javelina, too.
100mA James Moore; 100m B Matt Butler; 200mA Phil Doorgachurn; 200mB Peter Stafford; 400mA AN Other; 400mB Marco Palmieri; 800mA James Nasrat; 800mB Joe Thomas; 1500mA James Williams; 1500mB Jorge Thomas; 5000mA Jon Phillips; 5000mB Mike Johnson; S/CA Steve Milward; S/CB Anthony Wilson; 110HA Matt Butler; 110HB Matt Ledger; 400HA Gareth Sutcliffe; 400HB Richard Chappell; HJA Kabelo Mnomo; HJB Matt Ledger; PVA Michael Walker; PVB Jon Murray; LJA Andy Thompson; LJB Ian Newbury; TJA Gary White; TJB AN Other; ShotA Brett Morse; ShotB AN Other; DiscusA Brett Morse; DiscusB AN Other HammerA Peter Morgan; HammerB AN Other; JavelinA Jason Hallett; JavelinB Matt Ledger; 4x100 Moore, Doorgachurn, Butler, Stafford; 4x400 AN Other, Tom Miller, Palmieri, Nasrat.
Javelina Software fixes problems for other businesses--it develops, markets, and sells software products to help simplify systems for network administrators.
to the piglike javelina that smells like stinky socks, each animal has its own gross habits or aspects for a reason--for example, javelinas use their musky odor to help keep the herd grouped together.
They next shot 10 rounds at javelina (pig) targets from 200 meters.
From sauces and marinades to rubs, brines, and relishes, "The Everything Wild Game Cookbook" is a complete culinary reference and covers fish (both saltwater and fresh water), big game (elk deer, antelope, caribou and moose, wild pig, and boar, javelina, buffalo, bear, mountain goat and sheep), small game (rabbit, hare, squirrel, raccoon, woodchuck, beaver, opossum and muskrat), game birds (pheasant, quail, partridge, prairie chicken, ptarmigan, grouse, sage hen, woodcok, snipe, rail, piegeons, dove, wild duck, wild goose, wild turkey), as well as "trimmings" and desserts.