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(Hinduism) a Hindu caste or distinctive social group of which there are thousands throughout India

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This joint venture between Pactera and Jatis Group brings together excellent synergies from both companies to realize tremendous growth opportunities in the APAC Region," commented Tiak Koon Loh, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pactera.
Jusuf Sjariffudin, Group President & CEO of Jatis Group, added: "The formation of PJI was made possible through the shared vision of both entities to ramp up comprehensive consulting and technology services in APAC.
Jatis strives to become a leading technology organization out of Indonesia in providing innovative technology solutions to its clients in the Asia Pacific region.
At the heart of the Mandal approach is the strong correlation between jati status and economic and social deprivation.
1) By taking jati as the principal indicator of deprivation, it excludes non-Hindu sections of the Indian population.
Thus the fact that members of a jati are deprived does not tell us why that is the case.
In addition, Jatis Solutions provides services of IT planning, banking application, business intelligence, data warehousing, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, project program management, software development, turnkey project implementation, enterprise application integration, application outsourcing, etc.
The two subsidiaries of Jatis Solutions in Malaysia and Singapore namely Firium Solutions (M) Sdn.
Jatis Solutions is the first IT consultancy company to receive CMM certificate of level 3 in 2004 equivalent to 20 similar companies in Southeast Asia.
The jati melodies in the NSHA, for example, are clearly reconstructed on the basis of textual sources alone, an indication that jati was not current in practice (p.
Jatis Mobile, a content provider and reseller of the Critical Path solutions, is part of Jatis Group, one of the largest information technology consultants and application development companies in Indonesia.
In Indonesia, Critical Path's Mobile Email solution will strengthen Jatis Mobile's position.
We are pleased that Jatis Mobile has selected Critical Path's Mobile Email solution," said Desra Ghazfan, Director of Critical Path.
Even the exact number of jatis is not known with certainty; it is estimated somewhere between 2000 and 3000.
Thus, the identification of the ex-untouchable jatis in terms of their placement in the varna scale is more straightforward, as compared to the other jatis, where it is more difficult and controversial to assign a varna tag.