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Synonyms for jargon

Synonyms for jargon

a variety of a language that differs from the standard form

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

Synonyms for jargon

a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

a colorless (or pale yellow or smoky) variety of zircon


specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject

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I found the duplication between some chapters in Part 1 to be annoying, as was the occasional jargonistic author.
idiotic ill-conceived incredibly costly schemes bearing some other senseless jargonistic fancy name specially chosen to hoodwink the poor unsuspecting public
While throwing out the jargonistic term "postmodern", itself undefined but substantively meaning we need to give in to the U.
In the meantime, however, he somehow couples Bacon and Locke's empiricism with ethnocentrism as well as a host of other jargonistic "ism"s.
While articulating the symptoms of his crisis, we see him in a variety of office scenes, and then engaged in a bureaucratic and jargonistic conversation with a supervisor.
Opacity equals profundity, we all believe, the denser the better, the more convoluted, jargonistic, clever, and conceited (only in the sense of arrogance, never itself a conceit), the more we hail the work as endlessly quotable, to be elevated to the stature of self-evident truth.
Hence, through an analysis grounded in an excellent blend of historical moment, movement, and structure, the book elucidates many otherwise jargonistic concepts from that perspective.
It is also a very personal book: jargonistic, categorical, and forthright, but given the range of Kendrick's reading and depth of his intelligence it is no less useful for that.
41) The awkwardness in Hobsbawm's prose is evidence that the traditional Marxist legacy of unsettling and jargonistic prose was not dispensed with overnight (e.
So Adria Shwartz' jargonistic diagnosis of gay/lesbian as a "signifier" and a "reification" has no relevance to the actual treatment of what is simply deeply embedded toxic shame sourced in a lifetime of being misunderstood and abused by homophobic family values and culture.
So how's that for a stultifying taxonomic jargonistic explanation
Evans's exploration of the representation of women in Die Frau von Heute lacks detailed evidence and suffers from a jargonistic dependence on theory which does little to advance her arguments.