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Synonyms for jargon

Synonyms for jargon

a variety of a language that differs from the standard form

specialized expressions indigenous to a particular field, subject, trade, or subculture

Synonyms for jargon

a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

a colorless (or pale yellow or smoky) variety of zircon


specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject

References in classic literature ?
of this formal jargon were all taken from the French language.
In a jargon but half intelligible he announced that the kitchen chimney had been struck with lightning.
With this intent, he escorted me through the Taboo Groves, pointing out to my notice a variety of objects, and endeavoured to explain them in such an indescribable jargon of words, that it almost put me in bodily pain to listen to him.
How is it possible to extort a meaning from all this jargon about 'devil's seats,' 'death's heads,' and 'bishop's hotels?
Stuart and his comrades had not proceeded far in the canoes, when they beheld the whole rabble of Wishram stringing in groups along the bank, whooping and yelling, and gibbering in their wild jargon, and when they landed below the falls, they were surrounded by upwards of four hundred of these river ruffians, armed with bows and arrows, war clubs, and other savage weapons.
Hope, Joy, Youth, Peace, Rest, Life, Dust, Ashes, Waste, Want, Ruin, Despair, Madness, Death, Cunning, Folly, Words, Wigs, Rags, Sheepskin, Plunder, Precedent, Jargon, Gammon, and Spinach.
Occasionally, merely for the pleasure of being cruel, we put unoffending Frenchmen on the rack with questions framed in the incomprehensible jargon of their native language, and while they writhed we impaled them, we peppered them, we scarified them, with their own vile verbs and participles.
Clopin interrupted him: "I believe that you are trying to blarney us with your jargon.
He used the jargon of the studios with overpowering effect.
Truly," quoth he, "I trust I am an upright man, at least, I strive to be; but I know not what thou meanest by such jargon, brother.
He loved the jargon of committee-rooms; he loved the way in which the door kept opening as the clock struck the hour, in obedience to a few strokes of his pen on a piece of paper; and when it had opened sufficiently often, he loved to issue from his inner chamber with documents in his hands, visibly important, with a preoccupied expression on his face that might have suited a Prime Minister advancing to meet his Cabinet.
To my delight he understood and answered me in the same jargon.
About twenty feet from Tarzan the man stopped, addressing the former in a strange jargon, no syllable of which was intelligible to the Tarmangani.
when I think of Sam's smooth jargon I would give my chance of life, such as it is, to have him here for one moment.
A footman had poured champagne into their glasses, and Lady Ruth talked easily enough the jargon of the moment.