jar against

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Synonyms for jar against

collide violently with an obstacle

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Otero of Springfield, who Sturbridge police said smashed a glass jar against her boyfriend's head at a campsite on June 18, was continued without a finding for six months recently in Dudley District Court.
Pattie Mae's voice is believable as a young, provincial but smart 12-year-old, eager to observe what is happening and "ease drop" with a mason jar against the wall to hear adult conversations.
These not-too-subtle allusions to religious stories, epic journeys, and momentous births jar against the grimy contemporaneity of war, crime, politics, and even bullfighting "In Our Time"
This made it harder to identify real stand-out tracks because the intricate instrumentals and the rock anthems did not jar against each other.
A large slice, chilled and bound together with jelly, it looked exquisite on the plate but the flavours seemed to jar against one another and didn't sit comfortably on the palate.