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greenhouse shrub with glossy green leaves and showy fragrant rose-like flowers

deciduous thorny shrub native to Japan having red blossoms

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Commonly called Japanese kerria, Japanese rose and Japanese globeflower, Kerria japonica prefers a spot in the landscape with average, well-drained soil in part shade.
The much-loved Camellia japonica will have more success in southern counties, which get better light and fewer frosts.
Skimmia japonica 'Nymans' carries abundant red berries that last deep into winter.
Finally, dry Undciria pinnatifida and Laminaria japonica were prepared to compare with the effects of extruded diets on the performance of abalone.
japonica is an indigenous Japanese endemic fern with thickly pinnately-branched stems and slight leaves like lined tiles.
Cymodoce japonica Richardson, 1906 (Richardson, 1906), live in colonies in natural or artificial, narrow-opening cavities such as barnacle shells or slits in plastic containers.
japonica caterpillars release a slightly sticky liquid when ants palpate the right spots on the caterpillar's abdomen.
The Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae) is an invasive species that currently covers most of the eastern United States (NAPIS 2015).
The experiment was conducted in hydroponic environment with two sets of reciprocal introgression lines derived from the cross of 02428/Minghui63 in japonica 02428 background (02428-ILs) and indica Minghui63 background (MH63-ILs) to evaluate aluminum toxicity tolerance (ATT) at the concentration of 1.
Our previous results elucidated that the leaves of Eriobotrya japonica possessed the potential to suppress ovariectomy-induced bone mineral density deterioration, and ursolic acid, the major bioactive component in these leaves, suppressed the osteoclast differentiation.
Japonica varieties produced higher number of tillers/m2 dry weight (t/ha) LAI number of panicles/m2 ripening ratios and lower nitrogen contents in panicle stem and leaves.
We ditched the ground beef for chicken, replaced the flavorless white rice with the more robust japonica, a colorful Japanese variety.
SHADE-LOVING PLANTS There are plants that prefer to be in the shade, such as mahonia aquifolium, fatsia japonica and spotted laurel.
Skimmia japonica is compact and ideal for containers, producing dense clusters of scented white or pink-tinted spring flowers opening from red buds and, on female plants, red fruits which last all winter, but you will need to plant male and female together to enjoy fruit.
Japonica cited political tensions within the Greek governing coalition, a potential Greek budget gap of over 3 billion euros, and lower-than-expected revenues from privatization efforts as key factors in modifying its offer.