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Synonyms for jangle

Synonyms for jangle

a metallic sound


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make a sound typical of metallic objects

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It had been a long time since I heard the jangle of keys song anywhere,let alone in Wales, so news of a singing male in North East Wales had me on the move.
Jingle and Jangle in the meantime get themselves into quite a bit of trouble when their baby reindeer Vixen is mistaken for a dog and sent to the pound.
According to DPO Mubarik Zaib, on special orders the SHOs of City Cant KDA, Jangle Khel Lachi and Gambat lunched operation against criminals in their areas and arrested 25 persons involved in crimes named Ashraf, Shehzad, Haq Nawaz, khan Ahmed, Asad, Noorbat, Mohammad Nazar, Rub Nawaz, Mohammed Javed, Mohammed Habib, Mohammed Rehman Sardar, Bilal, Zahir Ullah, Gulab, Jamshed Iqbal, Noor Ali, Ahsan Ahmed, Mohammed Zaman, Faiz khan, Naseem Gul, Zahoor khan, Syed Ahmed, Israr and Miskeen.
CHRISTMAS EVE Frost in the morning Ice in the night Chill of the wind Snow falling bright Crispness of air Sheen on the land Children all playing Sounds of a band Jingle and jangle Skiing and skates Sprinkling snowdrops Crystalline shapes Glow of the street lights Hush of the dark Snowmen collecting More flakes in the park Green of the holly Mistletoe fun Cream on the pudding Whiffs of warm rum Chimings and carols Calls of good cheer Trimmings and stockings Time of the year Sensing excitement Lights on the tree The Wonder of winter That is Christmas Eve.
The result is a predictably polished pop-rock set of songs as LA frontman Chad Wolf eases through the likes of myspace hit Last Night, airplay anthem Show Me What I'm Looking For and the faux indie jangle of single I'm Not Over.
Visitors will be able to step back to an era when the jangle of harnesses and the clomping of Shire horse and Clydesdale hooves were commonplace.
A Jingle Jangle Christmas" previews Wednesday before opening Nov.
It's got a little jangle in the guitars and is a little more garagey than their earlier stuff, hut it's still straight up ass kickin' .
Little Owlie's wings no longer work, and he has to use a wheelchair now, but he can still do lots of things--like paint while holding a paintbrush in his beak, or use his computer with voice commands, travel through the Jingle Jangle Jungle in his wheelchair and visit his friends, fly his kite with a little help to get it off the ground, and more.
Upbeat and with a jingle jangle at its heart, Out Is Through features Alanis's trademark narrative but instead of bitter and twisted tales, she sounds remarkably upbeat in the face of relationship adversity.
With nerves beginning to jangle,Thomas was pulled down in the box on 80 and struck home the penalty to make the game safe.
This eclectic setlist veers from indie jangle of opener So Much Fun, through the tricksy folk-pop harmonies of The Window, to the narrative John Is In The Basement.
Bob Dylan's composition was notable for the fabulous jingle jangle sound of McGuinn's 12-string Rickenbacker guitar and his plaintive vocal.
But, as ever, it's the covers that make the headlines, Arctic Monkeys adding jangle to Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good, Maximo Park rocking up The Proclaimers' 500 Miles and Biffy Clyro putting Rihanna's Umbrella on steroids.
Government statistics show that Dubliners have more money to jangle in their pockets than anyone else in the country.