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deliberate radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices or systems

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Jamming in narrow-band frequency--narrow-band jamming requires good knowledge of jammed device frequency.
This technique involves just increasing the jamming power by enough to overcome the processing gain in the receiver.
trying to make the system work, the jamming system," an administration official told reporters on March 23rd.
One advantage of noise jamming is that very little must be known about the characteristics of the victim emitter for jamming to be effective.
The J/S ratio required for effective jamming can vary from 0 dB to 40 dB or more, depending on the type of jamming employed and the nature of the desired signal modulation.
Ideal jamming is achieved when the obscuring noise appears very similar to the noise in the victim's receiver.
The EA-18G combines the combat-proven F/A-18F strike fighter with the latest technology Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) avionics suite that will provide state-of-the-art reactive and pre-emptive jamming capability.
Under the agreement, CeLight will leverage its unique VectorWAVE digital platform for coherent optical signal synthesis and analysis to provide advanced security at the physical optical layer, using techniques that will thwart malicious jamming and eavesdropping of optical communications links.
Jamming stations providing local jamming to all entrance areas can be extended by the addition of mobile stations driven around the stadium.