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meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)

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Belgian Home Affairs Minister Jan Jambon said on Wednesday that the checks have resulted in the screening of 17,000 passengers and 22,000 pieces of luggage.
Jambon said the attack on Tuesday evening could have been much worse because the "big explosion did not happen," adding more details about the device would be released shortly.
We have been able to identify him," Jambon told RTBF radio television without giving further details, Agence France-Presse reported.
Jambon said he was impressed especially by how some of the measures were non-intrusive for passengers.
We don't know if this is the action of a lone wolf," Mr Jambon told RTL.
Mr Jambon, whose offer to resign on Thursday was declined by the prime minister Charles Michel, also acknowledged some shortcomings prior to the March 22 suicide bombings that killed at least 31 people and wounded 270 others in the capital.
De alguna manera, el gobierno belga ya sabia que la amenaza terrorista era muy alta en el pais, tal como lo recalco el ministro del Interior de Belgica, Jan Jambon, tras la detencion de Salah Abdeslam, el lider intelectual de los atentados en Paris del 13 de noviembre.
Vendredi dernier, devant une commission parlementaire, trois ministres belges, Didier Reynders (Affaires etrangeres), Koen Geens (Justice) et Jan Jambon (Interieur), ont du s'expliquer pendant plusieurs heures sur le cas d'Ibrahim El Bakraoui qui a profite d'une liberation conditionnelle en 2014.
Belgium has now raised its terror threat to its highest level, said Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon.
Le niveau d'alerte antiterroriste est passe a son niveau maximal pour l'ensemble de la Belgique, a annonce un porte-parole du ministre de l'Interieur Jan Jambon.
As Brussels has been the scene for an ongoing clampdown on militant cells, Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said, "We know that stopping one cell can .
While it remains unclear whether the Paris perpetrators employed a gaming console to communicate, Belgian federal home affairs minister Jan Jambon recently warned of the growing use of the PS4 among Islamic State in Iraq and Levant extremists to pass information.
Ainsi, le ministre marocain de l'Interieur, Mohamed Hassad, et son homologue belge, Jan Jambon, sont passes a l'acte pour mettre en œuvre concrete et immediate cette demande de collaboration securitaire.
As residents in Brussels struggled to get to work by bus and bike, Interior Minister Jan Jambon conceded alert had clear costs and was disruptive, but said it would "continue as long as necessary.