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Synonyms for jam-packed

Synonyms for jam-packed

filled to capacity


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Friday, August 13 is the last day and it will be jam-packed with fun as the children design, build and run their own fairground stalls.
The Institute is jam-packed with new programs, exciting educational opportunities and a national health care forum.
The veteran entertainer promises a night jam-packed with juicy anecdotes about his life working with the rich and famous.
These days her schedule is jam-packed with travel dates, including directing music for liturgy at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress in February, a gig most liturgical musicians would work a lifetime to get.
This concise volume is jam-packed with information.
From a treasure chest store to an inventor's workshop, tons of picture riddles are hidden throughout these jam-packed, full-color pages.
Aptly titled, this savory word stew is a slow-cooked, jam-packed literary jambalaya.
The Stadelschule was transformed into a gasthof (an inn) where students lived in makeshift quarters while weaving their way though an animated and jam-packed program of self-generated dinners, panels, performances, parties, film screenings, exhibitions, concerts, and of course a few liv ely bars.
Right now, the place is jam-packed with moving vans," said Bob Kerr, of the Fort Leavenworth Public Affairs Office.
But I can't get back into the closet because it's absolutely jam-packed with other actors - Sir Ian McKellen, who is reportedly tired of being a 'gay icon'.
The aisles were not jam-packed, and there were no long lines at the taxi stands.
He notes that dinosaurs often had extensive nasal cavities jam-packed with intricate networks of large blood vessels.
Cyber horoscopes join a jam-packed Internet gossip section.
But the dozens of plenary and breakout sessions were jam-packed with eager publishers, editors, reporters, marketers, consultants, brokers and suppliers from 28 states, D.
It's jam-packed with more than 150 fun things to do and make.