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Synonyms for jaggy

having an irregularly notched or toothed margin as though gnawed

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having a sharply uneven surface or outline

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L'ONU, l'OCDE, le Conseil de l'Europe et la Suisse, Tiziano Balmelli y Bernard Jaggy (ed.
Let's hope he grasps the jaggy nettle with both hands.
Referring to her character, Simran Kaur and her boyfriend Jaggy Singh, she says, "They are the glamorous couple of Silver Street.
One was an ink drawing of a star with lots of jaggy spokes.
He is a jaggy kind of character, who has fallen out with - or taken extreme dislike to - numerous people over the years.
Returning to the BFW runway after their Tokyo Fashion Week debut are the winners of the Bench Design Awards: Jenni Contreras (Problem Studios), RJ Santos (Randolf Clothing) and Jaggy Glarino (Jaggy).
Before they finished up with a devastating run through There's No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake, Simon spoke to the crowd one last time: "Thanks so much, our brains are almost melted here
res with Hannah's Handicraf Angela Angeles' elegant jewelry and clutches with Crystal Seas, Neil Felipp's raffia-snakeskin bags with Ferimar, and Jaggy Glarino's metal jewelry with Alchemista.
Any charities who would like help with fundraising or sponsorship can call Jaggy on 07971 892 958 at Gurdwara BVS.
I've always felt that with his jaggy red hair and pink cheeks, he looks like the little runt of the two.
RJ Santos, David Milan, Santino Rosales, Joshua de Sequera, Kylie Verzosa, LA Aguinaldo, Maureen Wroblewitz, Donny Pangilinan, Hannah Pangilinan, Dee Gee Razon, Jennifer Contreras, Jaggy Glarino, Raymond Ang, Onin Lorente, Lex Celera
For Leah MacRae 'the jaggy jumper home' (a variation on a theme) and 'Big Alfy fae doon the stairs' were the menacing threats.
Gone are the jaggy edges of the early days, replaced by a heavier, polished sound.