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something irregular like a bump or crack in a smooth surface

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Economists often need to minimize an objective function of multiple variables that has lots of kinks, jaggedness, and deep ridges.
Werner and his collaborators calculated such a pattern's fractal dimension, a measurement of the jaggedness of the clusters' boundary.
It has to, for me, have this sort of full knobbly quality, or a torsion or a jaggedness or a swoony kind of movement from syllable to syllable, although now I seem to be exploring flatness as a sound quality.
There's a certain post-punk jaggedness to the guitar lines in their songs but the varying levels of synthesiser means there can also be a techno-style edge at times.
The jaggedness of different realities interrupting each other pushed Shambards into a category one could only call postmodern ballet.
The letters are washed blunt glass which betray no jaggedness .
The discreteness of the WE introduced some jaggedness to the haptic sensation.
There is, however, an irregularity or jaggedness to the way they thin out.
The dust-wrapper features the author's own mesmerizing photographic composition: a framing of myriad overlapping layers of fragments of Welsh slate that reveal, in their jaggedness, an appropriately complex pattern (or non-pattern) of different shapes, and a correspondingly complex play of light and shadow.
Notice that despite the jaggedness of the line, a distinct pattern emerges: at short horizons of up to a week, the P-value is very low and thus there is clear evidence of volatility forecastability.
The jaggedness in Bosch's panel is so similar that I half expect to find there the seven pieces which Marcos named.
Adorno had at his disposal many models for the incompleteness and jaggedness of the Parsifal essay -- Wagner himself not least among them.
Specifically, the projected path from these shocks reflects the jaggedness of the actual exchange rates.
The curt style, or, as it was sometimes called, the stile coupi or stile serre, owes its various names to its abruptness and jaggedness in contrast to Ciceronian "roundness"; and its characteristic device is the so-called "exploded period," composed of independent members set off from each other not by syntactic ligatures but by colons or semicolons (or, in the case of dramatic prose, often by commas).