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Synonyms for jaggedly

with a ragged and uneven appearance


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Full of jaggedly poetic charm and twisted humor, Les Wood's Dark Side of the Moon is a fine novel about an unforgettable Scottish demimonde.
The Menin Road and The Ypres Salient at Night, like Lin's paintings, combine lateral movement, a blasted landscape, and a rearing backdrop (of smoke and bursting shells rather than mountains), while We are Making a New World depicts the same landscape against a backdrop of a jaggedly rearing, luridly ochre mountain range.
The Expendables 3 is jaggedly constructed given the conflicting demands of its stars' diaries, but it's bookended with pile-driving action sequences either side of mystery gun battles.
ANIL: "Justly Filed Mnemonics Assuage Memory's Jaggedly Jiggled Annual Sequential Order, Normalising Disorder.
The deadly twister's wide swath jaggedly cut across the college - killing a priest and two nuns and demolishing much of the school's campus, which at the time was located in the city's Greendale neighborhood.
Curt had an infectious desire to create a visceral kind of theatre that was as jaggedly brilliant as he was.
Umbrella is not, be warned, altogether easy going: 400 pages of unbroken stream-of-consciousness dotted across three time frames, leaping jaggedly between four points of view, and with barely a paragraph break, let alone a chapter heading.
Marginals very long and slender, the cusp elongate, sides frequently in-rolled, and with a fringe of fine denticles on outer margin and at tip; outer shaft base of inner 1 or 2 marginals expanded and jaggedly serrate; serrations continue sparsely up shaft.
The Silence of the Loons: Thirteen Tales of Mystery by Minnesota's Premier Crime Writers" is a jaggedly perfect North Star State collection of mystery short stories by the best of Minnesota's crime writers.
I went because I wanted to reclaim a small part of myself and my history from the tornado of political and historical ownership that twists so jaggedly in this place.
Projections, designed by Ahram Jeong and Yoonkyung Lim-in this case, a slide of Griffith's own black and white family photograph-flash on the large screen behind the singers, their faces oddly illuminated, and the musicians' shadows cutting jaggedly into the light.
They range from lengthy memoirish reflections that justify the writer's work (Eric Reinhardt's four-page entry, "Cinderella') to brief poetic interludes (Colum McCann's simply structured paragraph on "Anonymity") and jaggedly extended similes.
Nature had the final word, however, in the form of the lightning jaggedly marking the skies over Old Romney.
Steven Erlanger conveys that while there are many reasons for Israeli optimism as the Arab world slowly, jaggedly democratizesaccountable rulers in Egypt and elsewhere, for example, will be forced to tend their domestic gardens and less able to fall back on demonizing Israel (you can read a persuasive account of this dynamic in my interview with Professor Samer Shehata)there are also grounds for the pessimism that, without a doubt, is the dominant mood in Israel itself.
The two come across as one jaggedly intertwined entity and their interactions with one another and the land they traverse cause readers to revisit the long held association between woman and the natural world.