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It is a call to faithfulness and a warning against the temptations that every Christian feels at one point or another: tiredness, jadedness, settling into a comfortable life, clinging to power.
Katharine performs "her duties as show-woman" (333), pausing between items "for the right number of seconds" (332), as jadedness and disaffection now define her relationship with the great men of the past.
With two weeks rest between their final Bundesliga game, Bruno Labbadia's men will be hoping they can capitalise on some of Bayern's jadedness an tiredness, which were exposed in their last league game as they went 3-1 down to Borussia Monchengladbach in the first 10 minutes.
Newton Faulkner - Write It On Your Skin Surrey-born singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner's third album drips with cynical optimism, perhaps indicating a jadedness brought on from the overexposure of his 2007 debut Hand Built By Robots, and his second release's relative obscurity in 2009.
His jadedness showed in his misspelling "circumcised" with a z in several places on his slides.
It lacks the immediacy of being in that room for real, but you still have the performance, with all its power and visceral energy, and there's something about knowing that the performance in front of you was taped live that lets the viewer abandon the jadedness the viewer may otherwise bear toward the silver screen.
The band are clearly completely in tune with each other, with the telepathy that comes of playing together night after night, but none of the jadedness that can set in.
Del Rey makes it hard for anyone to write off her weaker moments as inexperience when she presents as the very embodiment of seen-itall jadedness.
Now since, for hedonists, personal immortality consists in the endless formation of desires and their endless satisfaction, they are called upon to show that human beings are in fact capable of forming and pleasurably satisfying an infinite series of desires vigorous or novel enough to give them a reason to go on living for all eternity; and it is implausible, given what we know of our redoubtable capacity for jadedness even in our finite lives, that they can show any such thing.
As stand-alone images they would be easily interpreted as sex toys and assimilated into a landscape of art world jadedness and adult sex industries.
Here, more than any other popular artiste we've heard so far (not even excepting Shaan), you sense the utter jadedness of the overexposed voice, and then you realise what the rub is.
Bates said: "I see he's rather unwisely been giving an interview in which he says the players are tired, a sense of jadedness among certain players has proved telling.
These similarities enabled Apollodorus to project on Phano stereotypes concerning the jadedness and moral baseness of courtesans on the basis of which he underscores the threats posed to the city by Stephanus' cohabitation with Neaira.
43] In Leash the jadedness of the narrator arises not only from her disaffection with love and desire, or with the forms the lesbian subculture has taken, but also from her disenchantment with the whole of early 21st century boom-time consumer culture.
They inhabit a world whose emotional jadedness demands pointless novelty, and some of them constitute a rather oddly selective list of people who