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go forward or start with a fast, sudden movement

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New in early 2014 is CapRock Bitter, an aperitif made from Jack Rabbit Hill estate grapes and locally foraged wild licorice root.
Currently, it consists of five deposits: Chester 1, 2, and 3, (formerly known as the Murgold Chesbar, Young-Shannon and Jack Rabbit, respectively) the Gomac zone and Cote Lake.
In the chapter on the Sonoran Desert, he revisits the coyote more than once to show that it engages in predator--prey relationships with animals as diverse as the Gila monster, grasshopper, jack rabbit, and antelope.
If Tarantino had cast Phil Anselmo and Wendy O Williams in Pulp Fiction instead of John Travolta and Uma Thurman, the two probably would've gone to Kuma's Corner in Chicago instead of that wanky '50s throwback Jack Rabbit Slim's.
In "Gray Rabbit and the Bully", the little gray rabbit joins forces with his friends and neighbors to stand up to Jack Rabbit, the troublemaker bully of the woods.
The Oscar-nominated actress is well equipped to wield a samurai sword in a tracksuit as Tarantino's vengeful heroine The Bride, or trip the light fantastic with John Travolta at Jack Rabbit Slim's, but when it comes to pratfalls and snappy one-liners, Thurman looks ill at ease.
Madison is just a dynamite softball player, and Foglesong is quick as a jack rabbit,'' Lee said.
Big Rock's Jack Rabbit Low Carb Beer Launch Darren Mitchell Phoenix Group Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Big Rock Brewery of Calgary has developed a new low carb beer, called Jack Rabbit.
This week his colleague Ciara O'Brien has been impressed by the Philips Jack Rabbit and another bunny .
Nicknamed Jack Rabbit for the way he vaulted over bank cages during a raid, Dillinger became America's greatest anti-hero.
We're working hard on assembling a Jack Rabbit Festival on Ojibway Island in late August or early September," Barrera said.
What do you get when you cross a jack rabbit with an antelope?
And Pulp Fiction, the super-hip movie hit, relies on the audience to get camp--you're supposed to smirk when John Travolta and Uma Thurman go to the Jack Rabbit Slim's" diner.
Where fixture-loaded work has to be carried through a series of repeated steps, company custom automates lines using various programmable systems, which include its Uni-Hoist monorail design; single- or dual-column overhead design; side-mounted cantilever style; Jack Rabbit, indexing elevator, push-pull or screw-conveyor mechanisms, and crank-arm transfer or submerged chain conveyors.