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a ruffle on the front of a woman's blouse or a man's shirt

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And the Deputy and Assistant Serjeant at Arms spent almost PS8,000 between them on old fashioned clobber including glitzy shoe buckles, white gloves, wig bags and jabots - frilly ties.
4) Blouses were elaborate, modelled on current styles prevalent in the West: thus high collars with ribbons, frills, jabots, and brooches were popular from the 1870s till the turn of the century and a few women also wore mutton-chop sleeves, peaked at the shoulder.
Silk organza swags and jabots hung from the pillared supports and pooled gracefully on the Mexican tile below to line the aisle and grace the altar.
However nothing will persuade me to dismantle either of the antique christening robes included in the package, and I am saving the several intact lace jabots until I can consult an expert as to their historical value.
Among the displayed items are a collection of beaded bags from the late 1800s, and intricately crafted gowns and jackets with silk jabots, hand-sewn lace, and delicate embroidery.
These are all causing a shift in the way we design our medical facilities," Cama notes, indicating that forward-thinking healthcare design is more than just creating an attractive lobby or putting swags and jabots in a patient's room to make it more like home.