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a ruffle on the front of a woman's blouse or a man's shirt

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Using JABOT data to establish rust:host relationships, the family Orchidaceae appeared to be the second greatest family (9%) in number of species in the park.
el marques de Courvel, en la corbeta, atandose el jabot a una teta de almibar: palillo y siliconas Pero no, no es asi?
Monnet X, Anguel N, Naudin B, Jabot J, Richard C, Teboul J-L.
in partnership with Sony Pictures, and CBS Consumer Products, has launched Jabot Cosmetics, one of the first fictional beauty brands to become available for purchase to consumers.
Here Swarnalata Ghose wears a stylish gown - maybe a riding habit with a high neck and jabot - as well as a sola topi (sun hat made of sola pith), while Monomohan is in a three-piece suit, complete with watch-chain.
Galina Aleksandrovna was looking very good, in the costume of an English countess, a snow-white jabot set off her dark complexion very well.
Not averse to colorful clothes, Walpole had a "summer visiting costume" early in this decade consisting of "a lavender suit, the waistcoat embroidered with silver or tambour-work, ruffles and jabot of lace, partridge silk stockings" (Ribeiro, Dress, 208).
Crepin, Jabot, Vieux-Bois, Cryptogame et autres personnages grotesques de son invention" (887-88).
Upon it prime minister took action, sacked Ghulam Qadir Jabot and abolished the task forces.
Elaine was lovely in their mother's ankle-length brocaded wedding gown, replete with Gainsborough hat, veil, point d'applique, and jabot, and Gary couldn't help thinking that if their mother had lived to see this she would've agreed with Mel but loved the intrigue, not disparaged the entire ceremony.
Cover picture : Matthew wears tuxedo panel jacket, pounds 665; tuxedo panel trousers, pounds 360; pink shirt, pounds 130; black pirate boots, pounds 295; Kaydee wears purple dress, pounds 315; black elevated court shoes, pounds 300; three-row pearl drop choker, pounds 300; and black Ascot bag, pounds 370 Code: cl040907fashion-6; Tuxedo panel jacket, pounds 665; tuxedo panel trousers, pounds 360; pink shirt, pounds 130 Code: cl040907fashion-1; Jabot dress, pounds 210; Jabot coat, pounds 485; black Mary Janes, pounds 270; Fleet bag, pounds 350; black belt, pounds 150 Code: cl040907fashion-12
Les pattes rouges des homards depassaient les plats; de gros fruits dans des corbeilles a jour s'etageaient sur la mousse; les cailles avaient leurs plumes, des fumees montaient; et, en bas de soie, en culotte courte, en cravate blanche, en jabot, grave comme un juge, le maitre d'hotel, passant entre les epaules des convives les plats tout decoupes, faisait d'un coup de sa cuiller sauter pour vous le morceau qu'on choisissait.
48) This is evident in its ceremonial functions, its dress (wig, gown, jabot and bib in many Commonwealth countries) and its monopoly over esoteric and sometimes impenetrable legal knowledge.
Viola has converted to Christianity during her sojourn on the mainland and is a meticulous picture of virtue, dressed in indigo skirt, matching jacket with pagoda shoulders, and white blouse with a high lace collar and a jabot.