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a ruffle on the front of a woman's blouse or a man's shirt

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Monnet X, Anguel N, Naudin B, Jabot J, Richard C, Teboul J-L.
4) Blouses were elaborate, modelled on current styles prevalent in the West: thus high collars with ribbons, frills, jabots, and brooches were popular from the 1870s till the turn of the century and a few women also wore mutton-chop sleeves, peaked at the shoulder.
Cover picture : Matthew wears tuxedo panel jacket, pounds 665; tuxedo panel trousers, pounds 360; pink shirt, pounds 130; black pirate boots, pounds 295; Kaydee wears purple dress, pounds 315; black elevated court shoes, pounds 300; three-row pearl drop choker, pounds 300; and black Ascot bag, pounds 370 Code: cl040907fashion-6; Tuxedo panel jacket, pounds 665; tuxedo panel trousers, pounds 360; pink shirt, pounds 130 Code: cl040907fashion-1; Jabot dress, pounds 210; Jabot coat, pounds 485; black Mary Janes, pounds 270; Fleet bag, pounds 350; black belt, pounds 150 Code: cl040907fashion-12
Les pattes rouges des homards depassaient les plats; de gros fruits dans des corbeilles a jour s'etageaient sur la mousse; les cailles avaient leurs plumes, des fumees montaient; et, en bas de soie, en culotte courte, en cravate blanche, en jabot, grave comme un juge, le maitre d'hotel, passant entre les epaules des convives les plats tout decoupes, faisait d'un coup de sa cuiller sauter pour vous le morceau qu'on choisissait.
A cultured pearl jabot pin, designed as a butterfly, had an estimated price of up to pounds 60 but sold for pounds 6,000, while a ladies wrist watch by Mathey-Tissot, which was expected to sell for pounds 50-pounds 100, fetched pounds 4,800.
I read that the new Speaker, John Bercow, has gone to his tailor's to be fitted up for the full regalia of his office: a black and gold robe with frills and lace jabot for the forthcoming State Opening of Parliament.
Upon it prime minister took action, sacked Ghulam Qadir Jabot and abolished the task forces.
But being time-tested, bog standard lord mayor, decked in jabot, tricorn hat, scarlet cloak and chain, is most usually a passport to Timbuktu.
Ashley told Victor she's stopping production on her new Jabot line.
JABOT A Frill of lace B Hindu high priest C Long-toed swamp bird who am I?
Viola has converted to Christianity during her sojourn on the mainland and is a meticulous picture of virtue, dressed in indigo skirt, matching jacket with pagoda shoulders, and white blouse with a high lace collar and a jabot.
A sleek wannabe supermodel in a blue and silver metallic shot jacket (pounds 1,225 down from pounds 2,035, darling) over a blouse with a fancy lace jabot (frilly inset to you and me).
Notable examples include Peri's Austrian of heavyweight silk dupioni tuck; Springs' Dutchess Satin three-piece jabot and toga-top treatments; and Richloom's opulent Medici group in gold and burgundy.
The velvet jacket, lace jabot, hairy sporran, and so on should only be worn, if at all, for occasions such as weddings and investitures.
Pundits often wonder, If she will be the first Chief Justice to wear a jabot.