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large black-and-white stork of tropical Africa

large white stork of warm regions of the world especially America

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One school told us, "Other than training in the Jabiru, we are nothing special as far as schools go but I have students that drive as much as seven hours one way and stay in a hotel or camp in their motor home to train with us because there is nobody closer [who operates LSAs].
Bird species with aquatic habits are very common and abundant, including egrets such as species of the genera Casmerodius, Egretta, Ardea, Tigrisoma, Botaurus, in addition to the wood-stork Mycteria americana Linnaeus, 1758, the maguari-stork Ciconia maguari Gmelin, 1789 and the jabiru Jabiru mycteria Lichtenstein, 1819.
Where some of the more-popular experimental designs and several legacy-S-LSA models employ familiar powerplants, the majority fly with engines from BRP-Rotax in Austria, HKS in Japan and Jabiru in Australia.
The Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn in Jabiru is certainly unique.
Although the cruise down the billabong takes you through some spectacular scenery, and gives you the chance to view jabirus, sea eagles and whistling kites in the wild, it is undoubtedly the crocodiles which everyone comes to see
Combinadas con otras raices, llamadas respiratorias, tejen un entramado --al descubierto durante la bajamar-- util como albergue para numerosos animales: en Centla habitan 523 especies de vertebrados, como ciguenas, cocodrilos, iguanas, tortugas (algunas muy agresivas), manaties, jabirus y los prehistoricos pejelagartos, de hasta 70 centimetros de largo y muy apreciados en la cocina local.
Jabirus build their nest in the crook of a tree or top of a palm, often providing a roof to a noisy flock of monk parakeets (Myiopsitta monachus).