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large black-and-white stork of tropical Africa

large white stork of warm regions of the world especially America

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We snorkel under a glistening waterfall, where rainbowfish, grunter, black catfish and archerfish swim, and refresh ourselves before spending the night in Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel in Jabiru which is, in keeping with the theme, shaped like a crocodile.
He also pledged the government's commitment to the ongoing survival of the town of Jabiru, which had faced closure from 2012 with the winding down of Rio Tinto subsidiary ERA's uranium mining operations.
016 ha) Region de tres sistemas Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria), fluvio-lagunares que constituyen gaitan (Mycteria los humedales mas importantes de americana), cocopato Mesoamerica, con 127.
Construction of the town of Jabiru commenced in 1978 and was completed in 1982 by the Jabiru Town Development Authority (JTDA) under s.
The symbol of the Pantanal, the jabiru stork, is the largest of its kind, as is the magnificent and rare hyacinth macaw.
El fragmento proximal de ulna es notablemente grande, casi duplica en area al extremo proximal de una ulna de Jabiru nycteria actual (Fig.
Ex-Im Bank is also extending a USD281m direct loan to Jabiru Satellite Ltd, a subsidiary of Australian satellite communications company NewSat Ltd (ASX:NWT) to finance the purchase of satellite and ground equipment from Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co, a unit of aerospace and defence company Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT).
While nuclear industry advocates seek to downplay Fukushima and promote a business as usual approach it is increasingly clear that from Berlin to Jabiru the reality is anything but.
The Leonora Project is located 25 kilometres south of the Jaguar mine of Jabiru Metals Limited (Reserves: 3.
Mr Rowson, originally a farmer from Shrewsbury, said the Jabiru light aircraft came as a kit.
Blank An Australian Jabiru two-seater plane scanned the beach, open sea, nearby Westerloch and surrounding moorland north of Wick yesterday but drew a blank.
9 March 2011 - Norwegian offshore service provider AGR Group ASA (OSL: AGR) said Wednesday it will provide NOK25m abandonment services to the Jabiru and Challis oil fields in the Timor Sea, off Australia.
The black-necked stork, or jabiru, is a bird normally found in coastal wetlands.
Graham Greary, made a mayday call when his two-seater Jabiru J400 developed engine problems and lost power at about 9.
El registro fosil de Ciconiidae en Sudamerica se conoce desde el Mioceno tardio, con especies indeterminadas de los generos Ciconia y Jabiru y materiales referibles a Mycteriini y Ciconiidae indet.