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Synonyms for jabberer

someone whose talk is trivial drivel

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But the return of this migrant to Egypt's shores has stirred the jabberers into a chunter.
The Mayan 'Long Count' calendar runs out on Friday, which New Age jibber jabberers have widely predicted means an Apocalypse.
At this point one can hear the noise of half-witted comedians, bowtied conservatives, newspaper jabberers, and other fast-thinkers who dominate so much of our mental ecology speaking disparagingly of hippies and their laughable back-to-nature efforts.
On this wave, a great number of people came to journalism; among these new arrivals there also appeared a lot of chatterers and jabberers.
AMC Theatres (AMC), a leading theatrical exhibition and entertainment company, is partnering with the Autism Society and Area 23a, an event-based distribution company, for a unique, national theatrical run of the feature documentary WRETCHES & JABBERERS to commemorate National Autism Awareness Month in April.