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the 26th letter of the Roman alphabet

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Asked why he thought longserving Labour MPs like Kevin Brennan, of Cardiff West, who has held the seat with comfortable majorities since 2001, were on this occasion potentially in trouble, Izzard said: "I think the Tory Party is actually in trouble.
Czerwonko snatched the hat, which had "sentimental value" to the comic, forcing Izzard to run in his high heels and grab it back.
As officers pinned the man to the floor, Izzard retrieved the colourful garment and replaced it on his head.
Izzard said he jumped on the culprit to get it back.
Despite wearing high heels, 54-year-old Izzard gave chase and his hat, which bore a British and an EU flag, was returned after police officers pinned the man to the floor.
6m for Sport Relief in March by running 27 marathons acro South Africa for 27 days to honor all the years Nelson Mandela spent in jail, Izzard revealed he was moving forward with his plans to join the Labour Party and run for office.
Izzard added: "I think the vast majority of Scotland want to stay in the EU, so Brexit means break-up.
Award host Melvyn Bragg, who himself won in 2010, said: "Eddie Izzard is a marvel.
Izzard crossed the final finish line under a giant statue of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg to cheering, applause and chants of "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.
During a visit to Cardiff to meet Labour's parliamentary candidates, Izzard said he will stand as an MP or London mayor within the next five years and didn't rule out his future attempt for a Westminster seat being in Wales.
Responding to the Ukip leader's latest Python-related quote - kicking off a party broadcast with the words "And now for something completely different" - Izzard claimed an exit from the EU would endanger British jobs.
and actor Eddie Izzard took centre stage on the lection campaign trail with a visit to COMEDIANand actor Izzard took centre stage on the General Election campaign trail with a visit to Nuneaton N - when he raised a few eyebrows by turning up in his transvestite mode.
After the kind of grand entrance you would expect from a self-styled action transvestite, Izzard used his opening moments to bemoan the results of recent local elections.
The man with a licence to kill is Eddie Izzard, Britain's force majeure (superior force), the rock 'n' roll superstar of comedy--and he is on a mission to take the world by storm with his magnetic stage-presence and his thought-provoking intellectual humour.
Early Life Born Edward John Izzard on February 7, 1962, in Aden, Yemen, while his father was on business there for BP.