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journeying from place to place preaching or lecturing

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6) Other accounts describe his attention to Paul's missionary journeys, which he saw as an example for his own itinerations.
Its rhetorical and imagistic legerdemain transforms mundane displacement and inconvenience into a fetishized effigy of heroic itineration and meaningful ordeal.
short, medium, long, it is rational to use fuzzy logic for determining the next itineration step counts.
Actually, this is an adaptive fuzzy controller which determines the next itineration step counts (NextM, for short) based on the number of overloaded, underloaded and equilibrium nodes visited, along with the step counts during the last itineration (LastM).
In Karamoja, the initial, "old evangelical" impetus of itineration and proclamation soon gave way to buildings and imported institutions, but it was always assumed that the church school would be an essential element of the new mission based at "the place of the elephants", Lotome.
Itineration was always hard, and now in wartime when mission funds were low, it had to be admitted that the school work was sustained by the government.
As a parallel to these vagrants' claims to foreign wanderings, one of Noland's companions describes his own itineration -- to the tavern -- as a "boon voyage to that nappy land of spice cakes," and Noland replies that he could find it in his heart to sail "to the World's End with such company" (5.
Their itineration actually leads them into collecting.
Mackay, too, became famous for itineration and for his desire to live among the common folk of Taiwan.
But unlike Burns, who had almost no converts to show for his years of itineration, Mackay had already established seven chapels and had more than seventy baptized followers by the end of his third year in Taiwan.
0), with the remainder in itineration and headquarters (2.
This itineration was part of their attempts to minister to highly nomadic tribes.
Something Happened is the understated title of a 1933 account of the itineration of Mildred Cable and Francesca and Evangeline French--three missionary women "with attitude.
Detailed records created in the field - lists of converts and church members, the records of missionary institutions, the minutes of papers of local mission councils, particulars of itineration work, and so on - were not usually sent to the mission house.
14) For many years, the Wades continued their pattern of jungle itineration during the dry seasons and more settled educational work during the rainy seasons.