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In Gospel records of itinerating gunai, Mary Magdalene is honored by usually heading the lists, even as Peter is so treated in the male disciple listings.
A linguistic case can be made that Jesus and other married disciples traveled together in Palestine and that the apostles continued the pattern of itinerating with their wives.
Baird later wrote that the "plan for itinerating which had bulked largely in the original letters about the mission had not been carried out.
Burns, who had gained notoriety among China missionaries for his itinerating ministry through the countryside of Fujien Province.
17) Unsanctioned itinerating and unwelcome preaching did not fit within the religious culture of the region.
Gutzlaff started the Chinese Union, using native workers to distribute Bibles and tracts, but many of his employees cheated him, collecting pay without making their itinerating trips.
In a letter written to his parishioners in Lebanon three days later, Eleazar Wheelock defended his decision to remain abroad through the following Sabbath by asserting that he had received a "Call of Providence" to continue itinerating in the Valley.
Also, when itinerating, sometimes the only places to stay were Buddhist temples, which effectively functioned as inns.
44) She and many others modeled this kind of religious life, itinerating for weeks or months at a time, encouraging, consoling, praying with, and preaching to small groups of co-religionists.
The importance of itinerating missions to fairs and markets increased, since the ICM lacked sufficient personnel to operate fixed stations.
Even after Woodworth-Etter established her tabernacle, she could not resist itinerating.
9) He made a special point of indicating in his report that the wives of the missionaries (including his own wife, Mary) "were also sent" and, when they were not otherwise occupied with schools and work among women, went on itinerating tours and "gave themselves as thoroughly to evangelistic work as did their husbands.
When she returned to Africa, the plucky trailblazer continued to move forward, "Just to take hold," and she spent the last four years of her life itinerating between Use Ikot Oku and Ikpe, twenty miles apart on Enyong Creek, a long and difficult trek before roads were built.
His deceased colleague Luther Rice became the Southern Baptist ideal of missionary promotion for having spent the final years of his life itinerating in the South?
After his death in 1831, his wife Sarah Hail Boardman took his place by itinerating for three years among the jungle Karens, preaching in Burmese, her little boy George in tow.