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travel from place to place, as for work

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Margaret Moninger was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Grinnell College and a trained teacher; she headed more than one mission school for girls in Hainan, itinerated among inland minority peoples, held administrative offices within the mission, and had the honor of representing the mission at meetings of the denomination's council for all China missions.
15) He itinerated in the area around Pirton and began the work in Fenstanton by baptizing his wife Rebecca.
Cherifa is itinerated to lecture at the French Senate upon invitation from the Bahrain-French Friendship Society on the subject of "Francophonism in Bahrain.
When missionaries itinerated outside the treaty ports, they had to rely on Chinese housing and food.
The Elizabethan prophet William Hackett, though from Northamptonshire, itinerated in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, where he declared himself to be "a second John the Baptist.
From 1773 to 1774 Winchester itinerated throughout New England, despite his High Calvinist sympathies.
Instead, "Chhang-a" at first itinerated with Mackay and his students and became the revered spiritual mother of the growing movement.
14) By contrast, the scores of healing evangelists who itinerated during the Voice of Healing revivals of 1947-58 did often invite attention to their own proclaimed gifts of healing.
As Philadelphia Baptists migrated and itinerated into the frontier regions of the southern colonies, they took the confession with them, establishing Regular Baptist churches along the way.
After the defeat of the Taipings, Li Zhenggao and Lechler itinerated among former Taiping followers in Hong Xiuquan's home region, the Hua and Qingyuan districts of Guangdong.
Avery, a married minister who itinerated in New England in the 1820s and 30s, was tried for murdering a young unmarried factory girl named Sarah Cornell, who was associated with the Methodists and had been at one time a member of Avery's congregation.
Pioneer clergymen of the 1830s and 1840s itinerated among the up-country pastoral workers, where outback conditions neutralized any special privileges of the clergy, thus making room for more open relationships.
To illustrate such conflict, she highlights Ethel Turner, who itinerated outside of the mission compound, living in tents and "transporting her belongings on pack ponies over dangerous mountain paths" (100).
31) From there he itinerated in the eastern half of the U.
While Legge and Ho wrote Bible commentaries and itinerated around Canton, evangelical ideas had already begun to penetrate China's heartland, thanks to Liang Fa.