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Synonyms for itinerant

Synonyms for itinerant

leading the life of a person without a fixed domicile; moving from place to place

moving from one area to another in search of work

Synonyms for itinerant

a laborer who moves from place to place as demanded by employment

traveling from place to place to work

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Deer Jet has conducted its global itinerant exhibition for worldwide market since last September when the 787 Dream Jet came into service.
2015 Winter Catalog, this second edition written for itinerant teachers working with the hard of hearing covers topics like the roles and responsibilities of the itinerant, personal and professional life balance, the audiological partnership, social development of preschool through high school age children, developing individualized programs (IEPs), assessments, and testing.
Siegel presents this study on itinerant organized crime in the Netherlands.
The Associations and the scientific and medical institutions will contribute to the different itinerant medical campaigns of this bus.
IT'S all too easy to have a go at travellers, gipsies and itinerants.
A Guide to Itinerant Early Childhood Special Education Services offers forms, resources, and discussions to early childhood educators and presents a series of keys to changing classroom structures to help inclusion.
He leads an itinerant life and tends to go around the coast during the summer months.
The Itinerant University is carried out in collaboration with a LACWHN member group from the country and hosted by a respected institution of higher education.
The life of outdoor amusement (carnival) employees is similar to the itinerant lifestyle of migrant farm workers.
Based on the definitions and rules of the Health Professional Councils of South Africa (HPCSA) regarding itinerant practice, supercession and the performance of professional acts, the ASSA is of the opinion that three types of itinerant practice can be elucidated:
It is not unknown for itinerant gangs to drive the householder to their bank to get the cash they claim they are owed.
It seems to me that the words "itinerant traveller" imply no particular ethnic origin because you or I could become itinerant travellers tomorrow regardless of our real ethnicity.
Trading standards officers in Wales are warning people to beware of itinerant traders selling "gold" rings which are in fact copper, zinc and iron.
Over the past eight years, hundreds of people working in areas related to women's health, in several countries, have participated in the Gender Perspectives in Health course, run by the Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network as part of their Itinerant University.
It is somewhat ironic to me after all these years, especially after rereading the article, that I still consider Curry and Hatlen's ideas as seminal to the formation of my teaching practices as an itinerant teacher.