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Synonyms for iterative

characterized by repetition

Synonyms for iterative

the aspect of the verb that expresses the repetition of an action

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marked by iteration

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3, the best-known optimization results obtained with an iterative algorithm are also shown.
Applying the Galerkin technique to (1a) and (1b), we can obtain the following iterative equations for the voltages and currents:
As far as the convergence of an rth order iterative method is concerned, it affirms that the correctness or precision to calculate the existing estimation Eq.
In this paper, we presented a new modified two-step Jungck iterative method (NMJIM) for solving nonlinear functional equations having convergence of order 5 and efficiency index 2.
To start the iterative procedure for Jacobi method one has to choose the initial guess and then substitute the solution in the above equation.
Perfective iterative stem: perfect, remote past, anterior converb;
Motivated by the iterative methods presented in [8-11], in this paper, we reconsider the above two problems by another way that is different from that mentioned in [12].
Polish mathematician Woznicki (1937-2008) was one of the founders of incomplete factorization algorithms and the associated iterative methods, and this account of his later work was in nearly finished form when he died unexpectedly.
In this paper, we shall introduce two fifth-order iterative methods, namely the Newton-five [alpha] method and the Newton-five [beta] method to find a simple root of a nonlinear equation
In this method the original signal is reconstructed by iterative use of sampling-filtering blocks.
In operation, the optimization software and the machine control system talk to each other in an iterative process over a series of molding cycles.
The [phi]-transformation model thus developed was non-iterative and produced the same accuracy as other iterative finite differencing methods, thereby saving substantially on central processing unit (CPU) time.
Momentum addresses this time-consuming process with an improved set of two traditional, direct linear systems of equation solvers and a new iterative Krylov subspace solver that makes it easy to simulate and verify large passive structures in a fraction of the time that is required with a direct solver.
This paper deals with discrete monotone iterative methods for solving semilinear singularly perturbed problems of elliptic and parabolic types.