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Playspace Finder as an itemization tool to chart and keep track of the constant additions to public parks made necessary by the population surge.
Commissioners also called for a stepped-up education campaign, including mandates for the distribution of detailed guides for purchasers of homeowners insurance and the itemization of insurance policies.
The child with the right toys makes the most friends, after all, and what is a MySpace webpage or a Friendster profile if not an itemization of one's favorite distractions?
The Governor responded that the Legislature did not have the authority to appoint its own members to carry out the executive power of post-enactment itemization, since the Constitution prohibited members of the Legislature from receiving any "civil appointment" during their tenure in office.
Seven appendices contain forms such as a security contractor questionnaire, a scheduling-efficiency comparison, and a vendor bill rate itemization.
The manager's solution was to ask her for an itemization of her monthly expenses so he could help her budget her money better.
Therefore, federal agencies may pay service provider bills that include itemization of the amended District 9-1-1 surcharge.
4--Compilation of Loan Data, under 4(a) Data Format and Itemization, a new paragraph 4 is added:
The budget narrative details a comprehensive itemization and explanation of the costs incurred from the administration and implementation of the program.
An itemization of any expense in addition to lodging incurred at a hotel.
He has created entries after the practice of the British Library's Catalogue of Additions series, expanding them to include itemization of musical numbers as well as meticulous description of physical details such as watermarks and fascicle structures (diagrammed when the size of the manuscript warrants).
77 purports to require itemization of verdicts to a certain extent in certain cases.
Reports encompass plant status, production summaries, downtime details, and scrap itemization.