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separate and distinct from others of the same kind

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199-3(d)(1), taxpayers must determine, using any reasonable method that is satisfactory to the Secretary based on all the facts and circumstances, whether gross receipts qualify as DPGR on an item-by-item basis.
First, the presence of DPGR is determined on an item-by-item basis.
An option to elect out of the provision on an item-by-item basis, however, is likely not viable because it might introduce a transaction-by-transaction approach that in the Treasury Department's view was not intended by Congress.
However, on an item-by-item basis, S recognizes $15 of Sec.
Some key revisions include instructions for completion of Section V; MDS Correction Policy and item-by-item instructions for completing the correction request form; additional reasons for assessment in AA8 and A8 are defined; and state-specific MDS Coordinator contacts and MDS Automation contacts.
Effective Item-by-Item Image Quality Control Yields Lower Unit Capture Costs, Improves Check Truncation Processing and Can Eliminate Banks' Liability
03 of the notice states that QPAI is determined on an item-by-item basis (and not, for example, on a division-by-division, product-line-by-product-fine or transaction-by-transaction basis) and is the sum of QPAI derived by the taxpayer from each item.
This de minimis rule currently applies on an item-by-item basis, but the Treasury Department has been urged to consider an elective "pooling" concept similar to that provided in connection with the de minimis rules available under the new INDOPCO regulations.
And an individual "line item status" feature provides improved item-by-item visibility into consolidated customs entries.