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Synonyms for itching

an irritating cutaneous sensation that produces a desire to scratch

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He turned toward the lion and without fear approached and examined his wounds which he found superficial, and as Tarzan knelt beside him Numa rubbed an itching ear against the naked, brown shoulder.
And this wonderful thing, this seeming great deed of free will, he performed in much the same way that the itching of feet and tickle of fancy have led the feet of men over all the earth.
The way they gave him power to fly was this: They all tickled him on the shoulder, and soon he felt a funny itching in that part and then up he rose higher and higher and flew away out of the Gardens and over the house-tops.
And the family knew his feet were itching and his brain was tingling with the old madness, when he lifted his hoarse-cracked voice, now falsetto-cracked, in:
Just the same," he murmured plaintively, "the bottoms of my feet is itching something terrible.
To me, away there in my bean-field at the other end of the town, the big guns sounded as if a puffball had burst; and when there was a military turnout of which I was ignorant, I have sometimes had a vague sense all the day of some sort of itching and disease in the horizon, as if some eruption would break out there soon, either scarlatina or canker-rash, until at length some more favorable puff of wind, making haste over the fields and up the Wayland road, brought me information of the "trainers.
That a little gray-whiskered monkey had forestalled them they did not know, nor that three pairs of savage eyes were already watching their every move and waiting for them to come within reach of itching paws and slavering jowls.
He was itching to talk about books and make the most of his romantic hour.
1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Eczema Association (NEA) is organizing the fifth Itching for a Cure walk fundraiser on Sunday, October 11 at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
Itching is caused by signals carried from the skin to the brain by nerves.
Additionally, psoriasis patients suffering from itch experience sweating, feel a sensation of heat or pain in the affected area and have difficulty falling asleep or are often awakened as a result of itching.
Intense itching and dry, irritable skin are not the only problems facing adults with eczema.
The brain responds to the pain by releasing the nerve-signalling chemical serotonin, which stimulates more itching.
The same vicious cycle of itching and scratching is thought to occur in humans, and the research provides new clues that may help break that cycle, particularly in people who experience chronic itching.
Washington, May 23 ( ANI ): Scientists have discovered a new antibody that simultaneously blocks the sensations of pain and itching in studies with mice.