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an institution that issues something (securities or publications or currency etc

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An issuer treats compensation cost recognized under the fair value method the same as cash compensation.
Section 102--Registration with the Board: All public accounting firms preparing or issuing (or participating in the preparation or issuance of) any audit report for an issuer has to register with the PCAOB.
Terms are also quite flexible, and can be written to favor either the issuer or buyer; conversion price, dividend, redemption, covenants and protective restrictions, and warrants are all fair game in negotiations.
A company must act when there is credible evidence which would cause a prudent and competent attorney to reasonably believe that a material violation of federal or state securities law or breach of fiduciary duty or similar violation of any federal or state law has occurred, is occurring or is likely to occur, and is discovered by an attorney covered by the act, and this violation was by an issuer or agent of the issuer; and the violation is likely to result in substantial injury to the financial interests or property of the issuer of to investors.
Scope and Requirements of This Statement This Statement requires an issuer to classify the following instruments as liabilities (or assets in some circumstances):
A significant impediment to any audit program was the fact that the taxpayer subject to audit was the bond-holder, whereas the facts relating to whether tax-exempt bonds qualified for exemption under the Code were in the hands of the governmental issuer or the conduit borrower.
Competition, which was keen during the 1980s, has grown more intense as new firms have entered the market and challenged established card issuers by aggressively pricing their credit card products.
Firms with no issuer clients in the preceding year: $250;
At conversion, the holder does not recognize any income, and the issuer cannot deduct as interest the excess of the stock's FMV over the debt's adjusted issue price (i.
Foreign firms that prepare or furnish audit reports with respect to any issuer are required to register under the act.
i) the holder has the right to require the issuer or a related person to redeem or purchase the stock,
For a private issuer, asset-backed finance can be a major strategy in the company's overall business plan.
10) Once available, a line of credit is exercised at the cardholder's option, and the card issuer has little control over how leveraged the cardholder may become through additional borrowing elsewhere.
Co-branding brings together the strength of an issuer and merchant partner
Define the circumstances whereby an issuers audit committee can and should pre-approve all audit and allowable non-audit services provided to the issuer by the auditor of an issuer's financial statements;